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THNX Lisa And Kukim! I love those :drool: :drool: :drool:

Annette Stai from Fashmagfun-th_82784_VogItFeb83-1pg60_Chanel_122_65lo.jpgth_82788_VogItFeb83-1pg61_Chanel_122_345lo.jpg

and Jessica Miller th_86658_Chanel_Makeup_122_347lo.jpgfrom 2007

Anna Mouglalis from Kochiemagazinescans014av8.th.jpg magazinescans015gm3.th.jpg from matheuscpnth_86632_Chanel_AnnaMouglalis01_122_578lo.jpgth_86637_Chanel_AnnaMouglalis02_122_388lo.jpgth_13261_vod_anna_mouglalis_chanel_jewellery_01_122_1174lo.jpgth_13267_vod_anna_mouglalis_chanel_jewellery_02_122_974lo.jpg

Alyssa Sutherlandkuwa8.th.jpgfrom janalver

This is the guy behind the magic:

first photo by Francisco Scavullo -- 2nd one with Teresa Maxova

Lagerfeld_by_Scavullo.JPG elle1980s_s2.jpg
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wow!~ so much awesomeness... all the ines, linda in pearls :drool:

and the vanessa paradis as the little bird is just lovely

the first 2 are from bwgreyscale, the 3rd pic is my scan

stella tennant-lighting-gasm :woot:

this models first name is patricia,a girl from the 80's-- if anyone knows the full name, help a sister out!! :rofl:

rie rasmussen-2002 :drool:

30vggad.jpg 1043ps5.jpg 2rfsxl4.jpg
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