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1000 posts.........and STILL counting :-)

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thanks Joe and Limalicious :clap: I can't believe i made it this far!! it's funny i signed up quite a while ago but i only recently started posting (started in january i believe)....so here i am.....and 1000 posts later!!! HERE'S to another 1000 and beyond!! :hell yea!:

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COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! :flower: <--- it is an Adam flower... you just cannot see him because he is soo small :p

I finished your drawing today :woot:

Oh thanks for the "adam flower", Toni!!! actually i inspected it with a magnifying glass and i DID see his cute, little blue eyes and gorgeous smile :laugh: OH i can't wait to see the drawing....thanks a gazillion for that too!! you rock big time!! :hug:

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I meant Andrew flower... but for some reason I keep writing Adam instead of Andrew :laugh: I guess Adam is just always on my mind :p

I sent you the wrong flower if you saw Adam :o

:flower: <---- Andrew flower

oh i was gonna say something too :laugh: but i thought cuz u are such an adam admirer, i didnt want to ruin it for ya :whistle: but now that u showed me the REAL AC flower, i DO see his beautiful features more clearly now :wave: :heart: :drool:

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