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Ruslana Korshunova


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there are some more pictures some wich have already probably been posted , but Lady R, she is worth it :heart: always will be :heart:



the above picture to me really to me is so her, sitting in a chair in water with rain boots, she jad/ has a great humour :heart:





I had not seen this one before :heart:

russian cosmo I know this has been posted but it was good to see larger :heart:


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billie holiday... Its easy to remember ..and so hard to forget..... kinda a romantic song but really I like this song and Lady R well I think for the men who really loved you felt about you this way :heart: and for many of us here we dont forget.... :heart:

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the sun is setting here, and I am watching young deer play,truly beautiful and free....

here are some pics not sure if reposts , very sleepy so please excuse me :blush:

lady R :heart:

I sort of joke with my friends, sort of but growing my hair out long....


I have a little bigger than this, I will find and post later :heart:


2_16_big.jpg imagesCA024J3B.jpg Ruslana_Korshunova_4.jpg SMALL__1.JPG 1257824098_m.jpg
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I am so glad you like :heart: how can we not , pure heart to me, :heart:

ps. just want everyone to know well its aprils fools day, and I am meaning not respect to lady R

so my avi will change but only for a short while, but it is april fools and I think and hope lady R would have that great sense of humour, so please I hope not to offend anybody , but feeling a like april fools, and thank you Ophelia_Immortal :heart:

pps. its not her but my own private fools so in no way disrespecting lady R would never do that :heart:

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I am still looking for the davids bridal ad she did :heart: very happy just like her...someday I wish that , well I think I have said many time but her family tell us about Ruslana, only they can, oh to see her life celebrated by the people who loved her most imprtant her family, and then her " real " freinds who she grew up with, not the people who came in when she was in the buissness, a baby ruslana, oh that would be so beautiful to see...the young girl who thouht of nothing except playing and haveing fun , who just was .... :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I have read many threads and how people feel about her...I am hopeing that as I have expressed on other forums that we honour most the day she was born july 2nd..for that day brought us Lady R and for that I am most greatful for :heart:

I am hopeing one day we will get to see the happy child, the baby Lady R, when she was just ruslana, to see her with her mother and her brother or playing with her childhood friends...one day I hope to hear her mother speak...what beautiful realationships she had with her family , her school friends, her teachers, the people who loved a very beautiful person..maybe one day... :heart:

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seeking for the truth? dig under her mom...

I would love to hear from her mom, I would love to see her life through the people who were closest to her, I would love to hear her mom talk, about her daughter, not the image..as I would love to see her childhood friends, and people who knew her before she was the image. my greatest wish to see the child, the playful child, that are in her middle school, but those times, before she got discovered, the person :heart:

sexy angel think of me :heart: beautiful scan, :heart:

I have my hurt feelings over what happened, but I cannot change this, I can only wish to see the beautiful person, not just the image live on :heart:

thank you c4yt8 :heart:

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I have a problem here and I am hopeing somebody has the actual magazine, I used to have, but I moved and all went bye, bye :cry:

now my memory be it that it can get foggy, some reason I remember this ed with Lady R being in Deustch magazine, not zoo.

now if someone cn help me , if it is zoo what number ?zoo goes by year I already now its 2006.

but if some one has because somehow I have a slight memory that it was in deustche magazine , and think alex wek was one the cover.

so if anyone has this editorial, could you please post the number issue, or month and is it deustche or zoo?

I do know it is from thomas schenk, but many posted not the editorial but the websites these picures came from, I would be so greatful :flower::flower::flower:

ruslana3zoomagazin5ez.jpg ruslana6zoo3pt.jpg
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