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  1. Well, among Iconic Focus Agency's models are SI cover models Rachel Hunter and Vendela, as well as swimsuit issue models Angie Everhart, Maria von Hartz, and Monika Schnarre all of whom are still active models and look to me to be in "model-shape".
  2. Doutzen's May 2019 Vogue Germany photoshoot reminded me of Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann in the WWII film "A Bridge Too Far" (1977) on Operation Market Garden (September 1944), as the Dutch woman in Arnhem whose beautiful home is turned into an overflow hospital by the British paratroopers. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075784/mediaviewer/rm1015270912
  3. Iconic Focus agency has posted about 14 new photos dated March 4, 2019 to Monika Schnarre's portfolio: https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/monika-schnarre/
  4. Maria von Hartz is the most-recent addition to Iconic Focus Agency, with her portfolio of nine photos dated January 30, 2019: https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/maria-von-hartz/
  5. {name}

    Terry Farrell

    Yes, the Mademoiselle January 1982 cover model was Terry Farrell. She often went by just her last name during her early career as a model.
  6. For the January 2019 Maxim (Australia), Susan Holmes has the cover plus swimsuit layout and interview. https://www.listal.com/list/susan-holmes-maxim-australia
  7. Angie Everhart has been added to Iconic Focus Agency's "90's Icons" webpage, with her portfolio of nine photos posted December 18, 2018. https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/angie-everhart/
  8. Rachel Hunter's portfolio of twenty photos dated December 6, 2018 has been posted at the Iconic Focus agency's website: https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/rachel-hunter/
  9. Kelly Bensimon's portfolio of 8 photos taken April 2018 has been posted on Iconic Focus agency's website. https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/kelly-bensimon-influencer/
  10. Michelle Stevens' portfolio of 17 photos taken July 2018 has been posted on Iconic Focus agency's website: https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/michelle-stevens/
  11. Jeanette Hallen's portfolio of 9 photos is posted on Iconic Focus agency's "Special Bookings" webpage: https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/jeanette-hallen/
  12. {name}

    Kelly LeBrock

    Kelly LeBrock's portfolio of 17 photos dated September 5, 2018 and Sept 18, 2018 has been posted to Iconic Focus agency's "Legends" webpage: https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/kelly-lebrock/
  13. Roberta Chirko's portfolio of 13 photos dated September 11, 2018 has been posted on the Iconic Focus agency website. https://iconicfocus.com/portfolio/roberta-chirko/
  14. I agree, it's remarkable how much she's progressed since her 2013 Rookie of the Year.
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