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  1. Jim T

    Vintage covers

    Isn't the redhead on the Depeche Mode cover #11 (Fevrier 1990) none other than Maria von Hartz (RocketQueen's avatar)?
  2. Frederique van der Wal was Victoria's Secret second "top model" signing (Jill Goodacre was the first, and Stephanie Seymour was the third). To me, Frederique was one of the most-puzzling omission from Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. She certainly had one of the 1980s most-notable (naturally-voluptuous) swimsuit figures, and VS had not yet added swimsuits to their product line.
  3. #3: Definitely Shelley Smith. #4 (Right page): Looks like Lauren Hutton. #5 (Left): Donna Sexton.
  4. I believe these bride fashion photos were printed in June 1987.
  5. #5 is Yasmine (she modelled under just her first name). #3 from 1980 is Clotilde (another one-name model).
  6. Model on 4th page looks like Donna Sexton.
  7. Sophie Duez was included in a fashion layout for the September 1986 Harper's Bazaar (USA).
  8. 1st model is Kersti Bowser.
  9. Model on the right is model-actress Martha Longley. who co-starred in the TV-movie "California Girls" (1985).
  10. Kathryn Redding was with Ford Agency.
  11. Looks like Georgia Fowler of New Zealand. https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/15944-georgia-fowler/#comments
  12. "The Night Porter" (1974) is scheduled to air Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 4:15AM - 6:30AM EDT on Turner Classic Movies.
  13. Jim T

    Vintage covers

    #5 (Sept 1993): Manon von Gerkan.
  14. The brunette is Barbara Minty (aka, Mrs. Steve McQueen). https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/30545-barbara-minty/?tab=comments#comment-2249271
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