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I found those while making some housekeeping on my computer, I don't remember if they were already posted. Hope no repost !

As Four - S/S 2006 - Runway and backstage

post-40154-0-1446103877-26282_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-29418_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-32169_thumb.jpg

post-40154-0-1446103877-33499_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-35269_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-37465_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-40634_thumb.jpg

Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2008

post-40154-0-1446103877-41742_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-4342_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-44552_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-46437_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-49195_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-50126_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-5064_thumb.jpg

Vera Wang Resort 2008

post-40154-0-1446103877-51995_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-55315_thumb.jpg post-40154-0-1446103877-59246_thumb.jpg

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