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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Leo is #17 on the list


artnet Titans: The Most Powerful People in the Art World, Part I



17. Leonardo DiCaprio
Nationality: US
Category: Patron
Single Line Identifier: The Hollywood actor has become a significant collector and regularly orchestrates auctions to benefit his eponymous environmental foundation
Quote: “My dad says he and my mom were visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, and stopped to look at a Leonardo da Vincipainting. My mom was pregnant with me, and I started kicking furiously, so my dad said, ‘That is an omen.’”


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Just now, Shadow said:

Oh Leo what is the secret to getting you to smile or take a photo? Sometimes you say yes, but I am too scared to ever ask


Look like a model, lol!  :whistle:


In my case I would never ask... because I don't looking nothing like a model, haha.   :laugh:


I'm kidding guys, but not that much. 

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Today's Leo / NY sighting 


He's having lunch with Fisher Stevens


DaveCap[email protected]

At lunch , Leonardo Dicaprio + Fisher Stevens here  




Going by the pix I've seen over the years , Leo takes pix with all ages & genders 


It is all dependent on what he is doing or what is happening around him at that given moment :smile:

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Variety article about Leo honoring Marty last night


Leonardo DiCaprio Honors Martin Scorsese at Award Bash: ‘My Director, My Collaborator, My Friend’

I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and our craft. You are my director, my collaborator, my friend,” DiCaprio said in his speech. “You are part of a community that spans continents and decades and I couldn’t think of a better recipient of this honor






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