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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)

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^^How nice, I hope we hear more about this thanks Ox!


He looks good in those Hockey pics :drool: And....fashionable? That shirt looks good on him :drool: 

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Thanks alot Oxford !! Even if its just a back view.. He's still looking great. :heart: Looks like Vinny is with them as well, would have been nice to get more info, but glad for pics! :D

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New pix of Leo out in L.A. yesterday from Just Jared

Also according to Just Jared the pix from yesterday were taken of Leo and family & friends in the parking garage as they were leaving E Baldi restaurant







Another one from the other set where we can see Leo & Jennifer talking by their car


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Neat pix of Leo from a restaurant in Durban, South Africa taken by tweeter

Colleen Jacobs ‏@blueyezblu · 2m

@LeoDiCaprio at a restaurant in Durban, South Africa :) brilliant job we thought. (Apologies for the picture quality) pic.twitter.com/4NlKsPPPSW

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