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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Pix of Leo , from when he was in Monaco, with Consul Hans-Hermann Weyer and his wife Gattin Christina mit Schauspieler


Below is link to German article that pix was with. Not sure if Google translation is correct, but, I think, it claims the gentleman in pix has long known Leo ,and that the couple played hosts to Leo & Toni when they were on French Riveria

My wife Christina (49) and I have been friends with Leonardo. We have presented the two as together stay during the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the Côte d'Azur - and they have been inseparable ever since, "says Consul Hans-Hermann Weyer Graf von Yorck (69) the EXPRESS



Tks for more Wolf gifs and another behind the scenes Gatsby pix :)

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THIS thread in BZ'S ACTORS FORUM should focus on Leo's professional activities (performance, interviews, social/environmental causes).

That being said, posts about Leo's social life from verifiable sources (newspapers, periodicals, blogs, twitter, instagram, etc.) are allowed here. These sources must be text-linked in the posts and should be accounts from primary eye witnesses. In other words, pure gossip and speculation that will lead to extensive discussion and debate do NOT belong in this thread.

Suggestion: When in doubt, post in Leo's General Discussion thread.

Inapppropriate posts have been and will continue to be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Tks for everything sweeties!! :flower:

Tks for Wolf Stills, Leo and his epic breakdancing!hehe :nicole: Can't wait to see this movie, Leo has the ability to overcome in every movie he makes.

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Thanks all for the updates!

I don't think now is the moment to talk about award season, :cain: but this is an interesting article.


Interesting indeed! Heres another article from the Gold Derby about why leos never won an oscar,I really agree with this part here :yes:

Maybe the worst case of awards negligence in DiCaprio’s impressive career was last year’s Django Unchained debacle. Although Christoph Waltz was co-lead in Django, the Academy choose to nominate him in the supporting category over DiCaprio — and then award Waltz with another Oscar for basically playing the same part as he played in Inglorious Basters was, to me, a true low point in lazy Academy voting. In fact, it’s so depressing to even think about it’s best not to go there. Waltz is great. His part is great. But he’s a co-lead character alongside Foxx. Waltz’s screen time and number of lines gave him an unfair advantage and represents Academy voting at its most lazy and Emmy-like.


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