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I absolutely LOVED the commercial. I thought it was sufficiently subtle and teasing. And the style was classic and sexy, the way it's supposed to be. I even liked the music.

This is the best quality I've found in it:


Ah thanks for the heads up!! Just capped, encoded, and uploaded it from the official VS site:


Pretty good quality at 768x576 pixels, 2.7MB. :)

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While I was at it, decided to make caps from the version I uploaded above as well. I now have two cap galleries of the same commercial up:

Medium Sized

- posted above

- 480x336 pixels in size

- 353 caps of nearly every frame

- best suited for making animated GIFs and avatars/sigs.

Large Sized

- posted below, scroll down

- 997x656 pixels in size

- 151 caps, so it's not frame by frame

- best suited for stuff like making wallpapers, fanart, etc.


Super Bowl Commercial larger sized


--> 151 caps here <--

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