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SABRIANA AZKID put it in general,Victoria's seecret 2005

I downloaded that one, but since I'm a stickler for AMAZING quality, I was unsatisfied. Once I clean out some stuff from my HD, I'm going to torrent this 4.5gb, 1080i Hi-Definition TV version of the Show :)

Maybe I can burn some DVD's for those interested...but first I must download the monster.

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This is a request

Can someone with all the Victoria's Secret comercials (complete) and Tim Spot comercial (complete) please put them in a zip folder or archive it then upload it on rapidshare so it won't die.


PS. Sorry if this sound too demanding

i don't have the latest tim commercials but still i have a bunch of them... same wityh VS. I stopped saving them on my comp when i got tired of adriana... However, i can upload what i have in a zip folder if you want them...

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