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Bitten Knudsen


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John, You're a wonder. Truly, a bona fide wonder. :thumbsup:

I, too, am a dedicated '70's-'80's Supermodel fan, but I'm a slacker and a piker compared to you! For what it's worth, you have my highest admiration, and respects, sir.

I've only been a member for a day, but have found your posts & pictures absolutely phenomenal! Kudos for your efforts! :clap:

As to Bitten Knudsen, here are a couple of humble additions to yours.


Thanks, I appreciate that very much. :thumbsup:

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The news arrived today that Bitten Knudsen, a Danish-born fashion model, darling of the disco era, best buddy of the famous train wreck Gia Carangi, and one of my favorite models of all time died in her sleep on March 22 in Denmark. Bitten, who was featured in my book, Model, was an unapologetic bad girl who called herself The Kid and the multitude of men who chased her dogs. “As bad as you are, that’s how good you can be at your job,” she said. She was good bad, not evil. R.I.P., beauty.

from http://www.mgross.com/gripebox/once-bitten/

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post-5603-1217605792_thumb.jpg post-5603-1217605812_thumb.jpg post-5603-1217605836_thumb.jpg

it`s so sad that she passed away, she couldn’t be that old?

Some know when she was born?

Or have any information about her?

This is what I have found out about her:

Bitten Knudsen is a Danish model who did most of her high fashion work from 1977-1982.

She appeared in French Vogue several times during the 70s, often photographed by Helmut Newton.

She was also a favourite of Glamour magazine, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

She was friends with Gia Carangi, Bitten says “We did a lot of drugs and went to a lot of parties.

So many! We were both constantly on trips, which I think saved my life, because you don't do

drugs when you travel. Except when I traveled with Gia”.

Bitten also dated actor Warren Beatty

Bitten passed away on the 22nd of March this year (2007).

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