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I personally rather like lightgray, somehow seems rather organized in this style. The only thing is reply/etc links are way too hard to see. Tren_z is rather cool, nothing irks me about it as far as I can tell. As for the rest, they're just okay. The only one that really stands out problem wise is designer2, everything on it just seems too squished.

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I will make an effort to move some smileys over to there appropriate skins, the issue is that the default smileys that come with each skin are not the same set that we have on the default skin. So if we just moved those you would see a lot of :whatever: stuff all over the place. I will see what I can do but no promises.

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I agree 100% with this. One perfect skin like ChilaX had.

you will never be able to make everyone happy, I personally hate dark colors/backgrounds. Neo loves them. So who should we please? If we give user choices they can do whatever they wish. They just must keep in mind that we ONLY support the deafault skin, so if you want to use any other one then you must live with any little problems that may appear.

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