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Elvis Presley


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"He is rockabilly. Mean, surly, nasty... In that movie, he couldn't give a fuck about nothin'... except rockin' and rollin', livin' fast, dyin' young, and leavin' a good lookin' corpse. I watch that hillbilly and I want to be him SO bad...

Elvis looked good. I ain't no fag, but Elvis was prettier than most women. Most women. You know, I always said... If I had to fuck a guy... I mean had to... If my life depended on it...

...I'd fuck Elvis."

Clarence Worley - True Romance



Elvis Aron Presley


(Jan 8th 1935 - Aug 16th 1977)

Forget what you know about Elvis... And FORSHAME there isn't already a thread here on The King. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, into a family living just above the poverty line; and became (arguably) the greatest entertainer of all time. He is iconic. His face, his music, recognizable across the world. His legacy lives on - indeed popular music as we now know it can be traced entirely back to him. He broke boundaries: He helped create the concept of the "teenager". And, of course, he was responsible for "Rock And Roll". There have been many pretenders to his throne - but Elvis IS THE KING.

"Before Elvis, there was nothing."

John Lennon

Yes, forget what you know. Forget that later Elvis. Forget the Las Vegas, Cheeseburger, Fat, Drug-Addled man that he became. Bad management and sheer ignorance of 'Celebrity' and 'Stardom' (which hadn't existed to this degree before) led to that. When he died, alone, and ignominously, in his Graceland bathroom - Elvis was the most famous man in the Western World...

This is not a comedy thread - dealing with that bloated, sweaty, shadow of a man going through the motions on stage - this is a thread for seeing the REAL Elvis...

That man was BEAUTIFUL:


Elvis SHOOK the world. He shook it all up. And all these preening plastic pop-stars OWE him. Don't dismiss the King. If it wasn't for him, chances are your own favourite :heart: heart-throb :heart: wouldn't exist...

He had it all. Sure, he wasted it, and his end was a sad indictment of that 'Superstar' lifestyle: One that so many other stars would follow in his untimely wake.

But up there, on that stage in the 50's and 60's, he ROCKED:




So, give the man another chance. And see him in his glorious prime: THIS IS ELVIS!


ELVIS has entered the building...

elvkiss.jpg elvrec.jpg elvlaugh.jpg elvclassic.jpg Elvis_Logo_HiRes_1.jpg
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Thanks for starting the thread!!

Return to sender

Treat me nice

Let's play house

I want you, I need you, I love you

His first commercial recording

That's alright Mama

He was friggin' hot!! :drool:

Love me tender

Can't help falling in love

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Thank you for correcting this long-standing oversight on this site. He was more than just a man he was a time. I am proud to have been of that last generation to have any knowledge or understanding first hand of the impact of his work. Now the Presley family IS complete here. Thank you.

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"There are at least 85,000 Elvis's around the world, compared to only 170 in 1977 when Elvis died. At this rate of growth, experts predict that by 2019 Elvis impersonators will make up a third of the world's population..."

The New Scientist; December 2003

There is a world out there, a world populated by Elvii...

From the sublime:

post-11221-1202408153_thumb.jpg post-11221-1202408164_thumb.jpg

(David Hyu - The Chinese Elvis)

To the ridiculous:

post-11221-1202408255_thumb.jpg post-11221-1202408272_thumb.jpg

Elvis Herselvis:

post-11221-1202408348_thumb.jpg post-11221-1202408361_thumb.jpg

"The World's Premier Lesbian Elvis"

And the great EL VEZ:

post-11221-1202408460_thumb.jpg post-11221-1202408476_thumb.jpg

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i just noticed this thread, guys... somebody spank me please!!

when i was a little girl i had three true loves


bruce lee

and the father from 'good times'

but elvis was numero fucking uno

hes affected what i find attractive in a man for over 30 yrs

beauty, decadence, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, pasing out on toilets :rofl:

just teezing, great thread, baron... Elvez is my fave impersonator :rofl:

heres my fave song

my particular fave lyrics are 'put a chain around my neck and lead me anywhere' ~changes panties~

Teddy Bear

Baby let me be

your lovin' Teddy Bear

Put a chain around my neck

and lead me anywhere

Oh let me be (oh let him be)

Your Teddy Bear

I don't wanna be a tiger

'Cause tigers play too rough

I don't wanna be a lion

'Cause lions ain't the kind you love enough

Just wanna be, your Teddy Bear

Put a chain around my neck

and lead me anywhere

Oh let me be (oh let him be)

Your Teddy Bear

Baby let me be, around you every night

Run your fingers through my hair

And cuddle me real tight

Oh let me be (oh let him be)

Your Teddy Bear

I don't wanna be a tiger

'Cause tigers play too rough

I don't wanna be a lion

'Cause lions ain't the kind you love enough

Just wanna be, your teddy bear

Put a chain around my neck

and lead me anywhere

Oh let me be (oh let him be)

Your teddy bear

Oh let me be (oh let him be)

Your teddy bear

I just wanna be your teddy bear

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Elvis filmed Charro! in 1968, just after his triumphant Comeback Special. He was truly at the height of his powers, but chose to do a film - the first one since his debut Love Me Tender - that didn't contain any songs sung by him. It was a bit of a flop, a stark departure from the knockabout, sing-a-long fare his fans were used to. Plus, HE HAD A BEARD :shock: , and some people could NOT handle that..!

I don't know... I kind of like it. It's interesting to see him looking slightly different for a change. And, every man should grow a beard at least once in his life. Don't you think? Just to see, if nothing else...

Anyway - here's THE KING, con barbe:

post-11221-1204199722_thumb.jpg post-11221-1204199734_thumb.jpg post-11221-1204199744_thumb.jpg

post-11221-1204199756_thumb.jpg post-11221-1204199765_thumb.jpg post-11221-1204199777_thumb.jpg

post-11221-1204199787_thumb.jpg post-11221-1204199795_thumb.jpg

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i was thinking about starting a thread for Elvis too, but i'm too lazy, so thanks for starting it! :)

i :heart: love him, and am convinced that he is the BEST!

i would like to recommend a great movie about him: That's The Way It Is

You guys need to see it if you havent yet! I've seen it about 50 times in a year since i got the dvd


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