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White on White

B&O Railroad

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I liked the Jessica van der Steen example more than the Yasmine Bleeth.

--> Trolling another site, I saw:


http://www.monitor.hr/belle/9801/980106.htm (I think the outfit is not diaphanous enough)

http://www.monitor.hr/belle/9806/980625.htm (I'm not a fan of Kate's, but I think this is smart photography)

--> Not exactly white-on-white, but

http://www.monitor.hr/belle/9712/971230.htm (blue palette)

Also, you probably know it, but the Wet Mischief editorial with Christy Turlington, in 1992 Harper's Bazaar, Patrick Demarchelier, is right up this alley. Though it's not white-on-white, it's such a smart bit of photography in a very tight palette; I think it's actually the best swimsuit edit I know (particularly since the photography gets so much of the quality of her skin). Doesn't hurt that Christy is such a good model, but it's a brilliant bit of photography in a very tight palette. (from the great "A Christy Turlington Gallery" http://djuna.cine21.com/christy/)

look at this, for example: post-3324-0-1446015678-4118_thumb.jpg

and: post-3324-0-1446015678-45734_thumb.jpg

I aspire to work like that. :)

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I liked the Jessica van der Steen example more than the Yasmine Bleeth.

Here's that photo you referenced. Truly a contender for the best example of what I am looking for but I give Bleeth the edge because she has a milk mustache plus it's fun to say Bleeth.


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An oddly "candid" look from Heidi considering she is sporting six foot angel wings-- perhaps this is an out-take and there is a better version of this. Nevertheless, the play of all those white feathers against all those other white feathers against all that white background makes my pupils happy, so Heidi makes the cut.


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I hope you can tell I am not posting any old photograph suffering from under exposure and calling it white on white (WW). I'm looking for top shelf pictures friends. I'm looking for pictures that will advance the issue! And here to help me do just that is my good friend Steph. Go ahead Steph start advancing..


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