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The Biggest Diva


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Who do you think is the biggest diva in Modeling?

I think:

-Naomi Campbell no one can compare to her temper.

-Snejena she is said to have one of the worst attitudes.

-Jessica Stam oh boy. :laugh:

-Linda E though she kind of seems fabulous in the way she's full of herself.

-Caroline Winberg who could forget what she said to Tyra in VSFS05? Plus she seems like a goldigger.

-Erin Wasson Lol....http://www.angelfire.com/scary/sphadoigal/antierin.html

-Kirsten McMenamy I take back what I said about Naomi...this b*tch was crazy! :dontgetit: She almost tore off Linda's E hair because they had a smiliar hairstyle. :wacko:

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Guest sweet seduction

1. Naomi=with the temper, be mean to tyra

2. Gisele=think she's the best thing in this world

3. adriana=into herself too much

4. kate moss=drugs problem

5. janice dickson=saying she found gisele really ugly looking. (i agree with her)

6. bianca balti=stop been friend with doutzen just for a valentino campaign

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exactly, tyra is not the supermodel with whom to fuQ

shes originallyfrom about 5 minutes away from south central l.a.

i can see her getting in someones face, if they were asshole enough to deserve it

i dont care what naomi does, shit she can throw a phone at me all day long as long as

she lets me look at her butt mwahahahahahaha :rofl:

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I´ve read a blog a while ago about a girl and her best guyfriend´s dad was on a dinner with Gemma Ward and Gemma had said that all the brazilian models were bitchy. She also said that Naomi Campell is always late and she must have a big "own" space backstage and no one can talk to her. She also said that Daria has so wierd music taste and she get pissed off if anybody touches her iPod.

I dont know if everything is true.

BTW. What did Caroline Winberg say to Tyra At the VSFS2005?

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