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YouTube Technical Questions/Problems

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Ok i'm trying to watch Videos on youtube and guess what it doesn't work!!

It says

"Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest flash player


And it was working yesterday , last night and i watched videos all night!!! Like wtf!

Why isn't it working now i'm pretty sure my Java is on (i don't even have a clue how to turn it off/on but it's always on whatever it is)

And when i click the link to download Flash player it won't start downloading.. I allowed pop ups and still won't start.. It's probly cuz all the anti-virus systems I have.

But can somebody tell me how i can fix the problem so i can watch youtube or how can i download Falsh player??

Thx I'd appreciate it!

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I think that all of the links you guys posted are good

I personally like this Click here! because its a very easy process.

All you have to do is pick them video from Youtube copy the URL

and open up the Youtube Batch downloader and press add and Paste

the URL and then press start and on the bottom pick where you want

it to be saved.

After that, Press start and wait for it to download which is pretty fast

if you have high speed internet.

I believe that its a free 14-trail if you'd like to try; [/]

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