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Eddie Tucker


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Eddie Tucker


Agencies: Nevs (London), Next (Paris), Major Model Management (New York)

Place of Origin: Kent, England

Height: 190cm (6'3)

Natural Hair Colour: Light blond

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 6' 3

Suit: 38L

Shirt: 38

Neck: 15

Waist: 30

Shoe: 11

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue




font: Major Model Management


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More from 2pm:

So the freakish washed out blonde eyebrows are little bit scary...:huh: But I think they bring out his bone structure more somehow, especially in the second pic. Or is just the lighting? The outfit kicks ass too by the way!

post-20887-0-1445986923-28297_thumb.jpg post-20887-0-1445986923-32328_thumb.jpg

I absolutly love his profile pics...!!


Those lashes!! :wub:


I seem to be only able to focus on his lips on these 2 pics... :kiss:


OMG The second one!!!


Love the angle of the second pic. Brings out the Eddie's super-long legs!


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Hm I somehow managed to stumble into his Facebook page and its REAL :o

Really? I found one for Marcus Hedbrandh but I don't think it was real... <_<

Lol, I don't know how many Eddie Tuckers there are on Facebook but you can search it on the search engine :) I know usually lots pop up but you know, trust your instincts and you will likely to find the real one.

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