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Erin Heatherton


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I happen to think that if she wants to post 1,000 pictures of her and her puppy on Twitter, then so be it. Whether that dog is ugly or cute to you really has no bearing on anything. It's her puppy, if she wants to talk about her puppy and exclusively show pictures on her PERSONAL feed, then fuck it.

If she takes it on location and the photographers want to take playful picture, that's not really her fault either. Dogs are amazing company when you're living out a suitcase for half your life. I'm sure she cares about the puppy like family, not an accessory.

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Russell James Official Facebook.


This is Shays 'office'.

Here he works on Erin Heatherton.

Hair and make-up are the first crew to work on the girls so often their call times are way before everyone else is needed-but at least he has great company every day.

NOTE Eddie on Erins lap has become a studio regular who we adore.

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I like pictures of Erin and her puppy.

I think Eddy is totally cute and adorable. :heart:

It's always great to see how happy Erin appears to be when Eddy is with her.

And I don't think that Erin and Eddy can be compared with Paris Hilton and her dogs...

Paris Hilton seems to use her dogs as an accessory, while Erin and Eddy are real friends.

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Nooooooo....no more Eddy :banghead:

:rofl: it's better than pictures of her and a cat :whistle:

hehe I happen to like Eddy! Not Eddy alone alot, but Eddy with Erin. Its her new puppy, of course shes gonna want to tweet about him all the time, because hes adorable. :heart: hehe and the pics are cute :wub: Tottally agree with you superRDF better than pics of her and her cat! :laugh:

Thanks for the new VS pics lovemusic!

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