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Paris Hilton


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July 10, 2007 -- PARIS Hilton seems to be up to her old tricks again. Although she told Larry King she'd never done drugs, the newly spiritual heirhead emerged from an SUV in front of Hollywood club Teddy's the other night in what witnesses describe as a cloud of marijuana smoke. "She took a huge puff off of a joint, then opened the door and exhaled the pot smoke basically in my face," one clubgoer told us. At least she wasn't driving. Hilton's camp didn't get back to us.

Source: Page Six


Oh Paris, Paris, Paris


You'd think that you'd at least carry out the whole 'good girl' act for longer than 13 days before you hit up a club in a cloud of smoke with your tits pushed up to your chin.

I'm quite disappointed.


Unless Teddy's has some sort of super secret underground lair where people show up to special charity events in fishnets and push up bras, it's safe to assume that Paris went there to get drunk and smoke some weed.


That's just my thought anyway

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Paris is beautiful. You can't deny it! Look at the Guess campaign, or even paparazzi photo and you'll see that she's not an ugly personn. Okay she's not the most "respectable" girl in the world, but I think people are a bit jealous... I don't know why, but I like her ^^.

i know i never got what she did that was soo bad?!?!... unless you count being rich as that something. but its not like she should be a role model for little kids.

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