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Jaslene for VS???


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Jaslene for VS?!? that sounds really weird. I don't think I would have ever pictured her as a VS model, I also dont think she is cut out for this either, if this is true this might make her career go down. I didnt want her to win on ANTM, some others on that show deserved it better. How low has Vs stooped to bring her? If someone as great as Gisele leaves obviously you would want someone who will match or even top her career. :ermm: Hope VS makes a good decision on this.

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I don't think Gisele is that great at V.S.

*please don't hit me >.< xDDD*

But that's not the subject...

I don't really know how Jaslene is in swimsuit or underwear, but I think she can looks good ^^.

G... Gi... Gis... Gise... Gisele not good at VS? :blink:

I dont think those bra's could fit her anyways she doesn't really have a figure for that type of clothing

Looking good is not all thats needed...shes not that pretty and shes really annoying. I can't believe she won ANTM.

and don't worry...I agree with you on Gisele.

In her pictures she can either look good or bad like when she won and she appeared on the cover of Seventeen, now those pictures of her were horrible :yuckky: made her look worse.

I don't know how she is, because I'm from France and ANTM cycle 5 just begin in september *Nicole <333* and I don't watch the new season. But I don't know, I saw some picture of her and she's got something land se reminds me Selita Ebanks, a bit more classy of course xD.

Hmm.. I havent seen Selita in her yet.

But I like Selita better than Jaslene from the pictures I have seen of them both.

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Am I the only one who actually likes Jaslene? *shuffles away shyly, convieniently avoiding tomatoes*

I guess it's because ANTM is one big joke to me and her accent and attitude cracked me up. Also, she rocked most of the shoots, especially the one where she was the college outcast. :neo2:

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@Fery, if you think that way about ANTM too, you should definitely read this. This guy had a blog about ANTM, including self made animations and everything of every episode. It was absolutely hilarious:


Here's one of his many Tyra captures:


You have to scroll down for the first posts. Absolutely worth the time.

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