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Capt Snow

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Personally I would have picked the same way as Supra did for these first two games.

Seattle should have had no problem with St. Louis, and the Chargers should have manhandled the Jets. I mean Pennington has a messed up rotator cuff, that should have helped out the chargers a bit.

Although tomorrow I think The Colts will win over Denver.

But I agree with Supra's pick of the Packers over Vikings. :yes: Thats the game I'm waiting for.

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they shouldave won, that field goal should have been kicked when it was third down and in the middle of the field cause all that dude did was kick it straight but he was on the right hash mark. Stupid Call . . . .

Lot of people think Marty S. has had bad luck but hes done some stupid stuff. Don't get me wrong hes a great coach but that was like what were you thinking? The jets did it right, they kiced the FG on 3rd down incase their was a botch snap or something.

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My predictions for the weekend.

Seattle over St Louis

Seahawks 28 - Rams 21

Rams haven't won outdoors since Oct. Enough said.

San Diego over NY Jets

Chargers 20 - Jets 10

Jets beat them in week 2. Who cares. The Broncos beat them in week 3. Look what happened in there second meeting. This is a new Chargers team. Good q, excelent runner, and good defense.

Denver over Indianpolis

Broncos 24 - Colts 21

The Broncos will control the ball long enough to keep Manning off the field. Colts defense wont be able to stop the running game. Manning wont be able to do enough to win. The Colts also lost there season finale. Teams that lose there season ender have a losing record in the post-season. This will come down to the final seconds

Green Bay over Minesota

Packers 34 - Vikings 28

Vikes have lost 4 of there last five, and haven't won a road game outdoors in forever. NFC teams that play in domes stink in the post-season.

oh man who predicted this? horrible. :whistle: well tomorrw is a new day. tomorrow is when my predictions are correct. and you know mister guy i always talk to. :rolleyes: :whistle: . i ask for a win out of the broncos in the post-Elway era. :yes:

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