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this was a pretty interesting week in fooball, did anyone watch the 49ers dophins game? :D time for some sunday night action, old school rivavly. broncos and the raiders. go broncos!!!!! heavy snow with below frezzing temps. thats what i call football weather. not no rain, mug, and soggy grass in new england.

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Patriots game was pretty good, they basically took apart the Ravens in the second half.

Peyton Manning is gonna beat Marino's TD record this year I'm absolutely sure of it, but they need to work on some defense or else he will end up just as you mentioned, like Marino with no ring. :(

I put my points on Oakland today out of a hunch and it looks like it worked out for me. I would normally have put my points on Denver, but I had a last minute change of heart. Looks like it paid off.

Did anyone watch the Clevland, Cinncinati game? That just goes to show you exactly how bad a teams defense can get. :laugh: Offense seemed to be kicking on all cyclinders, but it wouldn't have been so easy for the two teams to score so many points if their defenses would have stepped up to the challenge.

I can't wait for Monday Night Football tomorrow. Green Bay is my team, even when they don'y do as well as I would like them too. But they have won 5 straight, and St. Louis has been putting the nails in their own coffin most of the season, so I'm pretty confident Green Bay can pull this one off.

I expect the Packers will probably make it into the play-offs, possibly as a wild card, but I don't expect them to make it any further than the first round this year unfortunately.

I love football. :)

What the hell is wrong with Seattle this season by the way? In preseason they were expected to be a contender for the the Lombardi Trophy, and now they are barely staying above .500. Something is definitely breaking down in Seattle.

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capt :angry: (N) :no: i dont believe you. i blame champ bailey. guy is good in all but allows to many big plays. he let jerry porter get 2 td's on him. though they were good throws by kerry collins he put in the spot porter could get it. i still blame him. shut down corner my butt

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:laugh: Denver should have destroyed Oakland today, I don't know what happened exactly, but it all added up to a loss.

Denver is still in good shape though. If San Diego starts losing that is. If not they may have to pray for a Wildcard berth.

They are definitely still in contention though, you can never count the Broncos out.

Unlike my home team the Lions, we can count the Lions out this year. :laugh: They showed a bit of promise this year though. Marucci is definitely doing a lot of work on the team, and maybe we'll pick up something good in the off season, and make a run for the playoffs next year.

Don't know why I decided to switch my points owver to Oakland, just had a hunch. :)

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Surprisingly the lions have won more games on the road this year than they have at home. They have won more road games this year then they did in the past 4 seasons combined. :laugh: It's a start. :)

The Broncos and Chargers game should be a pretty good one. I hope they broadcast it out here, chances are we'll get a game closer to home though.

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Well Green Bay destroyed St. Louis last night, so I'm happy about that, even though I did miss the game cuz I was asleep.

Thats 6 in a row. Next stop Superbowl :whistle:

By the way, when you ready that and see the smiley whistling there, just make a little choo, choo noise like a train instead of the whistle. :laugh:

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Shouldn't have bet against the Packers, they are a force to e reckoned with I tell ya.

The Rams are way to inconsistent this year for me to put my points on them too often. I made that mistake a few times in the beginning of the season.

Now if they went up against say, Arizona or San Fran I would put my points on them.

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