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Actress vs. Models


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it's difficult because an actress needn't be beautiful for to be actress whereas a model she must be beautiful and moreover Monica was model beofre to be an actress....so I think that few models are more beautiful tahn few actresses and few actresses are more beautiful than few models....... and I agree with fery Monica is older and there is a poll with Monica against Adriana here

Actually I have to disagree, an actress has to have some level of physical attractiveness to make it big. Before Penelope was nominated for an Oscar, do you honestly think she was given roles because of her "acting skills." didn't think so. And I think some actresses are 1000000X prettier then models.

And my vote goes to Adriana.

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Adriana!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: You people must understand, Adriana is better then any

model, actress . . etc.

That's a FACT!!!

No, that is NOT fact, that is YOUR OPINION! FTL QQ You've just been RickRoll'd o.o

I don't think so.

Its Adriana all the way.

No replies, just telling the truth.

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Wow, just wow.. *pets* You've made me all kinds of sad. o.o

Such a compelling argument! You win.. Adriana is the sexiest most fantasic model EVER. *I think I just died a little on the inside*.

I DIED A LITTLE ON THE INSIDE! are you happy now? QQ more

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Adriana, because she's amasing and so cute, and monica is an old actress xD

This isn't even a contest: Monica by a mile. I'll probaly get flamed for this, but Adriana is so incredibly overrated. Her face looks so round and pudgy and cheap nowadays. I like her eyes and hair, but that's the extent of it. She's got none of Monica's womanly, potent beauty.

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