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  1. {name}

    Blake Lively Vs Leighton Meester

    Leighton for sure. Blake is barely attractive, imo; she looks like an Ellen Pompeo-Raquel Zimmerman hybrid. Nice body, though.
  2. Iekeline for sure. Agyness doesn't have an original bone in her body; all she does is pile one piece of crap on top of the other (kinda like Irina Lazareanu, but at least Irina was slick about it).
  3. {name}

    perfect face

    These are my options?????
  4. {name}

    The best high fashion model

    Daria x3. Eugenia's beasty.
  5. {name}

    The best high fashion model

    Anja. Sasha is a terrible runaway model.
  6. {name}

    The best high fashion model

    Magdalena X3. She's like the muchmuchmuchmuchmuch prettier version of Natasha.
  7. {name}

    Jessica Biel vs Elisha Cuthbert

    I don't know what's more displeasing, Elisha's piggy nose or Jessica's horsy mouth. Either way, I prefer Jessica by a little bit.
  8. {name}

    Kate Hudson vs. Diane Kruger

    Kate is more accessibly attractive, but Diane's best is more regal and striking. Don't really like either, tho', to be brutally honest.
  9. {name}

    The best high fashion model

    Iselin is one of the homeliest (not to be confused with "ugliest") models out there, but she can take really interesting, memorable photos. Julia is physically prettier, but boring as hell in all areas. I dunno...Iselin I guess.
  10. {name}

    Valentina Zeliaeva-flawless perfection?

    Yes, but she's still MUCH prettier than duck-faced Julia Stegner i will Quack you <_<
  11. {name}

    The best high fashion model

    Polina is obviously much, much, MUCH prettier than Freja, but in terms of HF, I have no choice but to pick the latter. She has the kind of look you can't forget.
  12. {name}

    Best of Brazil, besides Gisele of course!

    Fernanda Tavares is on there if you look closely but yeah I forgot about Jeisa and Izabel Goulart, which I am realizing now
  13. {name}

    Best of Brazil, besides Gisele of course!

    You forgot Jeisa Chiminazzo and Fernanda Tavares :trout:
  14. {name}

    The best high fashion model

    They're both hugely overrated. Sasha may take a striking photograph, but her presence on the runway is terrible (laughable walk and scary-stupid facial expression). Vlada is better in that regard. All that being said, however, since I've seen never seen a photo of the latter model that even remotely impressed me, my begrudging vote goes to Sasha.