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Caroline Trentini

the sars

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hahhahahaah! but sam!!! I really wanna see how NY is like... experience it before i actually leave the nice california weather and the "nice" california people... plus the people i'll meet in NY while on the fidm program will really get my network going... (plus its cheaper than europe... hahhaha) but Europe WOULD be super nice! and i know!!! i don't know why they picked florence instead of milan!
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yes! because to sing like a drunk person with caroline in the subway is my life goal! hahahhahah!

i could have already told her about you.... but anna (your favorite person in the whole wide world) just had to take her out of VS! hahahahahaah!

i need to find her freckles for the best of BZ... i wanted to put the one where she was holding that baby boy but i guess that was lost in the crash... <_<

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OoOoO.... thanks Vane! Evandro vacation huh? hahahaahah!

If ever Evandro gets snagged.... I would hope it's by Caroline! Then I wouldn't feel so angry that he's no longer single and that he would be in good fun hands! hahahahahahaah! I would rather its Carol than some other chick that I'm sure Vane would end up mutilating! hahhahahaah!

By Carol ?

Naah...I think I would end up mutilating her too. :rofl:


AMAZING :drool:

how long of a vacation are you taking here with us Vane? Hopefully Mr Soldati wont go louco without you :p

I'm not sure yet, I only have a few weeks. :/

He will survive without me.....

I hope. :rofl:

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hahahahaahahaahah! well i think sam would end up mutilating evandro if he snags carol... so how about you guys call it quits before it even starts! hahahahahahaha!


haha :rofl:

Evandro better stay away from Carol if he knows whats best for him :knives:

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i love how Tanya is in this picture.... shes like... i wanna be brazilian...


hahahaha her jealosy is showcased right on her face :laugh: She only wishes that she could be as hot as them :whistle:

This is from Versace SS 08 right? Trentini's walk is to die for and she looked incredible :shock:

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