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Kung Fu Hustle

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Guest quasicartes


Just seen it. Damn cool. Damn funny. Fight scenes choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping. (Matrix and Kill Bill fight scene choreograper). It has Matrix spoof elements (especially the fight scenes) and even Spiderman spoof elements in it. It also has a little bit of philosopy. It's now one of the most successfull foreign film. The most successfull Hong Kong flick, so far. A sequel is in the making.

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Guest quasicartes

''Shaolin Soccer'' was released in Hong Kong in 2001, and was available on DVD until nearly a year ago(2003). Miramax bought it, tricked it up with new, simplified subtitles and scissored nearly half an hour of jagged subplots and brawling that might have compromised a get-'em-into-the-tent PG-13. To compensate, new music and English-language signs and graphics have been added, so the film seems to take place in an even odder world than most Hong Kong action epics.

^ from new york times movie review...

So, better get the DVD, the original un-edited version.

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It was poor :no:

Most people who said this can't appreciate Chow's genius: nonsensical humour extravaganza.

Therefore, if you have a sophisticated sense of humour, youn will feel very insulted watching this movie.

It's not even that.

Just watch his earlier films. They were much better in every department.


and I watch Family Guy :laugh: THAT'S non-sensical :rofl:

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