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What Colognes do you use?


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So what do you guys prefer?

I use Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani....it goes very well with my body chemistry...the girls love it.

I use Burberry Brit....it has such an amazing sweet scent....im totally opposite of that scent but it also goes well with my body chemistry.

I use Very Sexy 2 for him....its more like the Acqua di Gio in scent wise so it goes with my body chemistry.

the change up i was talking about in the girls talk section is a good idea... mine is Burburry Brit.

I used to use Emporio Armani...the black one not the white one....it was too sweet and didnt go with my body chemistry.

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I love boys that smell good.

But my sense of good can be special. Depends on the guy. If his cologne doesn't match up with his body chem, then it just wont do it for me.

They'll just smell nice, but if it does...oh man, it takes everything in my power not to want to hug on them.

At least with my boy, I'm allowed. He smells soooo yummy. Oh wow...

But I have no idea what he uses :laugh:

I'll ask him tomorrow


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