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Found 19 results

  1. Karolina Szostak - Polish TV news presenter (Polsat) [bio pending]
  2. {name}

    Anna Mucha

    Anna Maria Mucha (born April 26, 1980 in Warsaw, Poland) is a Polish film and television actress and journalist. She is best known to American audiences as the character Danka Dresner (the little girl with the round glasses) in the movie Schindler's List. Winner of the Polish edition of Dancing with the Stars.
  3. Tatiana Okupnik (born September 2nd, 1978) is a Polish pop singer, a former member of a Polish group Blue Cafe. Back in her teens, Tatiana attended a ballet school. She also took part in cabaret shows, but her first significant appearance in the media came when she sang on a popular Polish music show, "Szansa na sukces" ("A Chance for Success"). In 1999, she became the lead singer and lyricist of Blue Cafe. In August 2001, the first single came out. The song title was "Espanol" and Tatiana sang in Spanish on it. The band kept going and receiving various awards in the Polish music business. In 2002, Blue Cafe got an MTV nomination for the Best Polish Act. Two years later, the band represented Poland at the Eurovision contest, placing 17th. In 2005, Tatiana co-hosted the most popular Polish music festival held in Opole. In September, Blue Cafe appeared at the Miss Polonia show. The next day, September 3rd, the media announced that Tatiana left the band, reportedly leaving for the US where she planned to record her solo album. Tatiana's debut solo album, On My Own came out on April 13th 2007, selling around 9,000 copies in the first two weeks. The first single off the album is titled "Don't Hold Back". The album presents an intriguing mix of pop, dance, modern R&B and hip-hop. It was produced by Lenny White, the former drummer in Miles Davis' band. Following the album's release, Tatiana posed for the cover of a Polish pop-cultural magazine "Machina". According to press information, Tatiana did not pose nude for the photo, wearing a swimsuit instead, which was removed via computer. You can see the photo HERE. Her second album, Spider Web, was released on May 16th, 2011 by SonyMusic. The first single (title song) was first presented on Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC2. Tatiana was a jury member for the second edition of the Polish talent show X Factor (March 2012). Bio translated by Q. from the Polish Wikipedia site http://pl.wikipedia....Tatiana_Okupnik
  4. {name}

    Joanna Liszowska

    Joanna Liszowska (pron. [yaw-'un-nuh lee-'chauff-skah]) (born December 12, 1978 in Cracow, Poland) is a Polish actress and singer. Joanna graduated from Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Cracow. Her career began in 2001 at the Theatrical Song Festival in Wroclaw where she received the third prize. Some of her other successes include the Grand Prix Award at the Artistic Song Festival in Rybink and a special award at the Agnieszka Osiecka Song Festival in Sopot. Joanna plays the role of Mrs Capulet in the Polish version of the musical Romeo & Juliet. She also sings in the Chicago musical. In 2007, Joanna took part in the show Jak oni spiewaja? (How They Sing) which she won and gained the opportunity to record her own album. In 2005, Joanna posed for the September issue of PIayboy magazine.
  5. Marta Grycan is a Polish entrepreneur and owner of a country-wide ice-cream business. She's married to pastry chef, Adam Grycan and has three daughters - Weronika, Wiktoria and Gabriela. [bio pending]
  6. Alicja Dorota Węgorzewska–Whiskerd (born February 28, 1969 in Szczecin, Poland) is a Polish opera singer (mezzosoprano). [bio pending]
  7. Justyna Steczkowska (b. August 2, 1972 in Rzeszów, Poland) is a Polish singer, songwriter and actress. She's over 4 octaves voice. Her notes are not whistle, but falsetto. That makes them sound better and stronger. She has also performed under the name Justyna. She comes from a very musical family. She played violin in a family band before becoming a singer. Justyna Steczkowska became famous when she won one of the most popular song contests in Poland Szansa na sukces with a song "Buenos Aires". Her wide vocal scale is one of her most noticble traits as a singer (over 4 octaves). After a few CDs with her own songs she released Alkimja (title in Yiddish language) a complication of Jewish songs and Polish lyrics. Then came her "Femme Fatale" album, featuring songs from the most "Fatale" women of all time. More info: http://en.wikipedia....yna_Steczkowska
  8. Joanna Kulig Joanna Kulig (born June 24 1982 in Krynica-Zdroj ) - Polish actress, film , theater and episodic, a graduate of the Theatre Academy in Krakow , connected with the Old Theatre in Krakow . The following is originally in Polish.. English translation is beside it. Filmography 2006 : Pensjonat pod Różą jako Kasia 2006 : Hotel Pod Roza as Barry 2007 : Ekipa jako Magda - córka "Starego Premiera" 2007 : The team as Magda - daughter of "Old Release" 2007 : Środa, czwartek rano (reż. Grzegorz Pacek) jako Teresa 2007 : Wednesday, Thursday morning (directed by Grzegorz Pacek) as Teresa 2007 : Pastorałka - teatr TV jako Anioł i Dziewczyna 2007 : Pastorałka - TV drama as the Angel and Girl 2008 : Czas honoru jako Mucha 2008 : Time of honor as a fly 2008 : Teraz albo nigdy jako Rita, pracowniczka ośrodka terapeutycznego dla dzieci 2008 : It's now or never as Rita, an employee of a therapeutic center for children 2008 : Doktor Halina - teatr TV jako Halina Szwarc 2008 : Dr. Halina - TV drama as Halina Szwarc 2009 : Maraton tańca (reż. Magda Łazarkiewicz) jako Agnieszka 2009 : The marathon dance (directed by Magda Łazarkiewicz) as Agnes 2009 : Ojciec Mateusz jako Dorota (w odcinku "Koncert") 2009 : Father Matthew as Dorothy (in the episode "Concert") 2009 : Szpilki na Giewoncie jako Wiktoria "Wika" Bura 2009 : Studs on Giewont as Victoria "Wika" Bura 2010 : Milion dolarów (reż. Janusz Kondratiuk) jako Zuzanna 2010 : A million dollars (directed by Janusz Kondratiuk) as Susan 2010 : The Woman in the Fifth (reż. Paweł Pawlikowski) jako Anna 2010 : The Woman in the Fifth (directed by Pawel Pawlikowski) as Anna 2011 : Die verlorene Zeit (reż. Anna Justice) jako Magda 2011 : Die Zeit verlorene (directed by Anna Justice) as Magda 2011 : Sponsoring (reż. Małgorzata Szumowska) jako Alicja 2011 : Sponsorship (directed by Margaret Szumowska) as Alice 2011 : Los Numeros jako Sylwia 2011 : Los Numeros as Sylvia wiki
  9. {name}

    Violetta Arlak

    Violetta Arlak (real name Violetta Zmarlak, born Januray 1, 1968 roku in Cracow, Poland) is a Polish film, theater and TV actress. [bio pending]
  10. {name}

    Katarzyna Figura

    Katarzyna Figura (born March 22, 1962) is a Polish actress. She is sometimes billed as "Kasia Figura", as in Prêt-à-Porter (Ready to Wear), Robert Altman's 1994 film. Figura was born in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated from the former National Higher School of Theater in Warsaw and continued her studies at the Parisian Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique. She is one of the most recognized and popular actresses in the contemporary Polish film industry. Usually cast as blond bombshells, prostitutes, and wives of richmen, she has recently changed her image radically in favor of more mature characters, very often sorrowful and embittered. She is still appearing in TV shows. For many years, she has been featured in single episodes of popular sitcoms, and she has regularly appeared in the show Witches (since 2005). In 2004, she made her come-back to theater after a long-term absence. Her role in Alina to the West by Pawel Miskiewicz in the Warsaw Drama Theater was highly regarded by the critics. She shaved her head for that role, consequently breaking from her sex symbol image. Figura posed twice for the Polish edition of Playboy magazine (1994 and 2008). Katarzyna Figura at the Internet Movie Database More info: http://en.wikipedia....atarzyna_Figura
  11. Magdalena Mazur - Miss Mokrego Podkoszulka 23,85 MB | 864x640 | 00:48 | .mpg http://www.filesonic...ena_Mazur_d.mpg 41,46 MB | 864x640 | 00:58 | .mpg http://www.filesonic...ena_Mazur_a.mpg 3,87 MB | 864x640 | 00:05 | .mpg http://www.filesonic...ena_Mazur_b.mpg 57,76 MB | 864x640 | 01:45 | .mpg http://www.filesonic...ena_Mazur_c.mpg
  12. {name}

    Aleksandra Szwed

    Aleksandra Szwed (aka Ola Szwed; born August 8, 1990 in Warsaw, Poland) is a Polish actress and singer, born to a Polish mother and a Nigerian father. She was a popular child actress, starring regularly since 1999 in Rodzina zastepcza (Foster Family) television series, modified and renamed in 2004 to Rodzina zastepcza plus (Foster Family and Others). She also stars on TV talent shows. Before getting into television, she sang and danced in a children group backing the singer Majka Jezowska. Ola posed for the August 2010 issue of the Playboy magazine (Polish edition). Filmography 2004-2010: Rodzina Zastepcza Plus (tv-series) 2002: Bardzo duzo Sylwestrow (TV) 2001: Koleda z komorki (TV) 2000: Uwolnic Mikolaja (TV) 1999: Swiateczna awaria (TV) 1999-2004: Rodzina Zastepcza (tv-series)
  13. Ewa Farna is a pop rock singer. She was born on August 12, 1993 in Třinec, in the Polish minority in the Czech Republic. Farna first attracted attention after winning local talent competitions in both Czech Republic and Poland in 2004 and 2005. After being discovered by producer Lešek Wronka, she released her debut album Měls mě vůbec rád in 2006. This was followed by her gaining the "Revelation of the Year" award in the 2006 "Český slavík" (English: The Czech Nightingale) national music poll. Her second album Ticho, which peaked at number two in the Czech Republic, and the Polish version of her debut, under the title Sam na Sam, were released in 2007. After a tour, the concert DVD Blíž ke hvězdám became the best selling music DVD of 2008 in the Czech Republic. In early 2009, the Polish version of her second album was released as Cicho. The new album Virtuální was released on 26 October 2009, and her new tour Buď Virtuální is scheduled for 2009-2010, started on 3 November 2009 in Brno and the first country tour (Czech Republic) closed in Praha, 6 December 2009. This new tour will cover Poland and Slovakia, being her first international tour.
  14. {name}


    KAYAH (born November 5th, 1967) is one of the most successful female Polish singer-songwriters, has released several albums, and won numerous awards. In 2000, she released the album Jaka Ja Kayah which featured pop, jazz, and techno-influenced songs. She also relased the single "Aniol Wiedzial" ("Holy Angel") from the album, duetted with Cesaria Evora in Portuguese, and recorded English-language versions of some of her songs.
  15. Aleksandra Kurzak (born August 7, 1977 in Brzeg Dolny, Poland) is a Polish opera singer (soprano). She graduated from the Academy of Music in Wroclaw (with honors), Poland and Hochschule für Musik in Hamburg, Germany. She made her debut performance at the Wroclaw Opera House. She has won Stanislaw Moniuszko's International Vocal Competition in 1998, as well as other contests in Helsinki, Barcelona and Cantonia. Between 2001 and 2007 she performed in Staatsoper in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2007, she has been working with the Metropolitan Opera (New York City), ROH Covent Garden (London), Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich), Vienna Staatsoper, Salzburg Festival.
  16. I'm wondering if some of the id skills I've seen here might work on models for Lingerie in Europe, specifically Polish brands. Here are 2 models 1) Is for Gorteks Brand, and she's done lots of work with Verano Swimwear, Gorteks Lingerie, and other popular brands in Poland. 2) Is for Kinga Lingerie, and looks a little like Natalia Paris (but I don't think it's Natalia). Any help is appreciated. <----- 1 <----- 2 Tetyana Veryovkina aka Tatiana Veryovkina
  17. With 2Morrow Milan HEIGHT1.79 BUST85 WAIST62 HIPS90 SHOES40 HAIRred EYESblue
  18. {name}

    Aldona Orman

    Aldona Orman (born: September 29, 1968 in Przedborz, Poland) is a Polish actress. For the Polish TV audience, Orman is mostly known for her roles in the popular TV series, Klan ('Clan'). She also appeared in the series Adam i Ewa ('Adam and Eve'), Plebania ('Presbytery') and many others. She currently works for the Kwadrat theater in Warsaw (since 1999). Childhood & school years Aldona was born in 1968 in Przedborz (a small town in central Poland), but when she was three months old her family moved to Konskie. She recalls her childhood memories as an idyllic time filled with the scent of meadows and vanilla. Aldona finished primary school and high school (I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace) in Konskie. She was an exceptional student. "I was a very shy, quiet and humble person." - says Aldona. In high school, she wanted to be a doctor and study biology. Her favorite school subjects were biology and chemistry. Aldona's acting talents were discovered by her Polish teacher. Aldona represented her school at declamatory competitions, performed at school shows and participated in numerous cultural school activities. At one of the contests, a member of the jury asked Aldona if she'd considered studying performing arts. She denied, but that day marked her interest in acting. Interest soon turned into passion, and further on to profession. Studies Before high school graduation, Aldona knew she was going to become an actress. After matura examinations (taken on finishing high school), Aldona started her studies at the Department of the Puppetry Faculty in Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Wroclaw. As a student, she made her theater debut on February 10, 1989 in the Polish Theater in Wroclaw. She played the part of Martha Babakin in Anton Chekhov's Ivanov (directed by Jacek Bunsch). Aldona finished her studies in Wroclaw in 1991. Her final diploma performance was King Lear (May 30, 1991). Acting career By the end of her studies, Aldona was offered a part in The Fiddler on the Roof, but she refused it and went to her hometown to take care of her ill mother who later died. In August 1991, Aldona moved to Munich in Germany to live with her fiancé (whom she later married). For a few months, she worked for the "Wolna Europa" ('Free Europe') radio station as a news announcer. However, she left soon because she didn't feel comfortable there. Between 1992 and 1996, she worked as a theater actress there. She played in Theater Labor, Modernes Theater, Werkstatt Theater and Pathos-Transport Theater in Munich. She got her first part in March 1992. Aldona usually played the parts of Slavic immigrants, e.g. Geisha in R.W. Fassbinder's "Eine Insel wie zehn Jahre" (1992); Donna in Frank Kafka's "Wedding Dreams" (1993; both plays directed by M. Killer); Ida in M. Sperr's "Freund fur's Leben" directed by P.Werhan (1993); the journalist in A. Schiller's "Mosfeld" directed by M. Killer (1993); Lucille and Marion in G. Buchner's "Dantos Tod" directed by B. Dabinus (1994) and Lisa in V. Ahnen & Ottl's "Fascho Park" directed by V. Ahnen (1995). She also played in several films, among others: Donna in Als die Sonne Ihr Gesicht verbard (1992; directed by M. Pfeil), Anna in Zwischen uns (1995; directed by U. Binder), Julie in Pumuckl (1996; directed by J. Moschkowitz), Teresa in Wie wurden Sie entscheiden (1997; directed by R.Wacano) and Malgosia in Kopeke (1997; directed by K.Gremm). In 1995, Aldona appeared in plays in the Teatr Ludowy ('the Folk Theater'*) in Cracow. In 1999, Aldona returned to Poland and started working for Teatr Kwadrat in Warsaw. "I think I had some luck. A friend of mine invited me to a premiere performance in Teatr Kwadrat. I met the manager and was offered a job." She acted in various plays, including "Panna Tipdale" by Ray Conney and John Chapman ('Miss Tipdale'; 1999), "Colombina" by Carlo Goldoni (2003), "Dekorator" ('The Decorator') and "Okno na parlament" ('A View to the Parliament') and has appeared in plays by F. Falk, M. Dutkiewicz, W. Adamek, A. Kostenka and F. Zelber. She's currently performing in the following plays: "Nie teraz kochanie" ('Not Now, Darling') by Marcin Slawinski and "Sluga dwóch panów" ('Two Masters' Servant') by Waldemar Matuszewski. Aldona appeared in Quo Vadis (2001), a film by Jerzy Kawalerowicz based on the famous book by Henryk Sienkiewicz (the winner of the literary Nobel Prize). In 2004, Aldona acted in the Atlantis theater in Warsaw. In 2009, Aldona was offered a role in a new TV series, Wrozki ('Fairies'). Unfortunately, the production was cancelled due to the financial crisis. Current personal life Aldona Orman has been divorced since 2001. Currently, she is in a relationship with a 59-year-old businessman Edmund Borucki (whom she met around 2004-2005) and she lives in Warsaw. On October 23, 2008 Aldona gave birth to her first child (a daughter named Idalia Vanessa) in the Bielanski hospital in Warsaw. Aldona speaks of herself as an independent woman that is happy with her life. She says that her passion for style and class is also due to her Zodiac sign. TRIVIA Informal nickname: the "Polish Sharon Stone" Height: 5'6'' (165 cm) Bra size: 70D (32D) Hobbies/Interests: sports cars, travelling (Polish mountainside), yoga, gym, chess Foreign languages: German (fluent) Favorite music: jazz (Nat King Cole, Diana Krall), pop, classical Favorite food: fish, Mediterranean cuisine, royal shrimps Favorite drink: wine Favorite actors: Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons, Russell Crowe FILMOGRAPHY Films: 2003: Dlugi weekend ('The Long Weekend'), as Renata 2001: Quo Vadis (directed by J. Kawalerowicz), as Kalwia Kryspinilla 2000: To my ('This is Us'), as Karolina's mother 1999: Narzeczona (directed by J. Zaorski), as Ewa 1997: Kopeke, as Malgosia (directed by K.Gremm) 1997: Wie wurden Sie entscheiden, as Teresa (directed by R.Wacano) 1996: Pumuckl, as Julie (directed by J. Moschkowitz) 1995: Zwischen uns, as Anna (directed by U. Binder) 1992: Als die Sonne Ihr Gesicht verbard, as Donna (directed by M. Pfeil) TV series: 2012: Ja to mam szczescie ('God, I'm lucky'), as neighbor 2011: Ojciec Mateusz ('Father Matthew') 2009: Przeznaczenie ('Destiny') 2007: Odwroceni ('The Reversed'), as Zuza, the brothel manager (guest appearance) 2007: I kto tu rzadzi ('And who's in charge here'), as Olga Kalinska (guest appearance) 2006: Kochaj mnie, kochaj! ('Love Me, Love Me!') 2006: Kryminalni ('The Crims'), as Danuta, Zenon Malak's ex-wife (guest appearance) 2006: Swieta wojna ('The Holy War'), as Beta 2005: Czego sie boja faceci, czyli seks w mniejszym miescie ('What Men Fear - Sex in the Small City'), as the sponsor's representative (guest appearance) 2004-09: Pierwsza milosc ('Fist Love'), as Anna Swietochowicz 2004-05: Plebania ('Presbytery'), as Wiola, Mrs Prokopiuk's granddaughter 2004: Czwarta wladza ('The Fourth Power'), as the director of the government clinic 2004: Stacyjka ('The Little Station'), as Elegantka 2004: Swieta polskie ('Polish holidays'), as the nurse 2003-2005: Defekt ('Defect'), as Jolanta Wolczyk, Makler's ex-wife (guest appearance) 2003-04: Glina ('Cop'), as Grazyna Janowska, police psychologist 2003: Zaginiona ('Lost'), as Maciek's partner at the ball (guest appearance) 2003: Tygrysy Europy ('Tigers of Europe'), as Jola Krasucka 2002: Quo Vadis, as Kalwia Kryspinilla 2001-02: Klan ('Clan'), as Barbara Milecka (guest appearance); as detective agency secretary 2000-01: Adam i Ewa ('Adam and Eve'), as the chief editor of the daily paper "Glos Dnia" ('Voice of the Day') 2000: Twarze i maski ('Faces and Masks'), as the TV reporter (guest appearance) 2000: Sloneczna wlocznia, as Artur's mother (guest appearance) 1999-2000: Tredowata, as Michalina Cwilecka 1999: Miodowe lata ('Honey Years'), as Anna Walczak (guest appearance) 1998-99: Zycie jak poker ('Life Like Poker'), as Sandra Debowska 1997: Lata i dni ('Years and Days'), as Sandra Theater roles (selected): 2004: Fircyk w zalotach, as Podstolina (Zamek Krolewski) 2004: Dekorator ('The Decorator', D. Churchill), as Jane; Teatr Kwadrat 2003: Colombina (Carlo Goldoni), Teatr Kwadrat 2003: Sluga dwoch panow ('Two Masters' Servant', W. Matuszewski), as Colombina; Teatr Kwadrat 2003: Okno na parlament ('A View to the Parliament'), as Ms Jane; Teatr Kwadrat 1999: Panna Tipdale (Ray Conney, John Chapman), Teatr Kwadrat 1999: Nie teraz kochanie ('Not Now, Darling', Marcin Slawinski), Teatr Kwadrat (?): Die Goldene Schnur (singing German pop hits of the 60's), as W. Windisch 1995: Fascho Park (V. Ahnen & Ottl, directed by V. Ahnen), as Lisa 1994: Dantos Tod (G. Buchner, directed by B. Dabinus), as Lucille and Marion 1993: Mosfeld (A. Schiller, directed by M. Killer), as the journalist 1993: Freund fur's Leben (M. Sperr, directed by P. Werhan), as Ida 1993: Wedding Dream (Franz Kafka, directed by M. Killer), as Donna 1992: Eine Insel wie zehn Jahre (R.W. Fassbinder, directed by M. Killer), as Geisha 1989: Ivanov (A. Chekhov, directed by Jacek Bunsch), as Martha Babakin; the Polish Theater, Wroclaw, Poland Aldona Orman's official website: http://www.aldonaorman.pl/
  19. Name: Edyta Gorniak Birthdate: November 14th, 1972 Nationality: Polish Occupation: pop singer Biography: Edyta Gorniak was born in Ziebice, Poland, November 14th,1972. At the age of 14, she formed a band and was playing at private parties and evening dances. After studying and taking singing lessons, in 1989, she gave her first public appearance, on a television talent show. Also in 1989, she won a song contest in Opole, and was offered a part in a musical called "Metro". "Metro" became very successful, and with Edyta playing a main character, she soon became well known, and an idol of teens in Poland. She played in "Metro" for three years. In 1994, Edyta left "Metro" to begin a solo career. In April, she came in second at the Eurovision Song Contest, and won the Polish Song Festival in Sopot. In 1995, she received the Polish music award, "Wiktor '94" and her first album, "Dotyk", was released. She received a "Golden Record" three days after it's release. During 1996, Edyta had a successful tour through Poland, and recorded "To Atlanta", the theme song for the '96 Polish Olympic team. In 1997, her first international album, "Edyta Gorniak", was released. This was also her first album in English, and it was a big success. In 1998, a special edition of this album was released, and it included three additional songs, including a duet with Jose Carraras,"Hope For Us". Edyta has now completed her 1999 tour, which produced the "Live '99" album. Discography: 1995 - Dotyk 1997 - Edyta Gorniak 1997 - Kiss Me, Feel Me 1998 - Edyta Gorniak (special edition) 1999 - Live '99 2002 - Perla (2CD) 2003 - Perla (2 CD, special edition) 2003 - Invisible
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