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Aldona Orman


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Aldona Orman (born: September 29, 1968 in Przedborz, Poland) is a Polish actress.

For the Polish TV audience, Orman is mostly known for her roles in the popular TV series, Klan ('Clan'). She also appeared in the series Adam i Ewa ('Adam and Eve'), Plebania ('Presbytery') and many others. She currently works for the Kwadrat theater in Warsaw (since 1999).

Childhood & school years

Aldona was born in 1968 in Przedborz (a small town in central Poland), but when she was three months old her family moved to Konskie. She recalls her childhood memories as an idyllic time filled with the scent of meadows and vanilla. Aldona finished primary school and high school (I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace) in Konskie. She was an exceptional student. "I was a very shy, quiet and humble person." - says Aldona. In high school, she wanted to be a doctor and study biology. Her favorite school subjects were biology and chemistry. Aldona's acting talents were discovered by her Polish teacher. Aldona represented her school at declamatory competitions, performed at school shows and participated in numerous cultural school activities. At one of the contests, a member of the jury asked Aldona if she'd considered studying performing arts. She denied, but that day marked her interest in acting. Interest soon turned into passion, and further on to profession.


Before high school graduation, Aldona knew she was going to become an actress. After matura examinations (taken on finishing high school), Aldona started her studies at the Department of the Puppetry Faculty in Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Wroclaw. As a student, she made her theater debut on February 10, 1989 in the Polish Theater in Wroclaw. She played the part of Martha Babakin in Anton Chekhov's Ivanov (directed by Jacek Bunsch). Aldona finished her studies in Wroclaw in 1991. Her final diploma performance was King Lear (May 30, 1991).

Acting career

By the end of her studies, Aldona was offered a part in The Fiddler on the Roof, but she refused it and went to her hometown to take care of her ill mother who later died. In August 1991, Aldona moved to Munich in Germany to live with her fiancé (whom she later married). For a few months, she worked for the "Wolna Europa" ('Free Europe') radio station as a news announcer. However, she left soon because she didn't feel comfortable there.

Between 1992 and 1996, she worked as a theater actress there. She played in Theater Labor, Modernes Theater, Werkstatt Theater and Pathos-Transport Theater in Munich. She got her first part in March 1992. Aldona usually played the parts of Slavic immigrants, e.g. Geisha in R.W. Fassbinder's "Eine Insel wie zehn Jahre" (1992); Donna in Frank Kafka's "Wedding Dreams" (1993; both plays directed by M. Killer); Ida in M. Sperr's "Freund fur's Leben" directed by P.Werhan (1993); the journalist in A. Schiller's "Mosfeld" directed by M. Killer (1993); Lucille and Marion in G. Buchner's "Dantos Tod" directed by B. Dabinus (1994) and Lisa in V. Ahnen & Ottl's "Fascho Park" directed by V. Ahnen (1995).

She also played in several films, among others: Donna in Als die Sonne Ihr Gesicht verbard (1992; directed by M. Pfeil), Anna in Zwischen uns (1995; directed by U. Binder), Julie in Pumuckl (1996; directed by J. Moschkowitz), Teresa in Wie wurden Sie entscheiden (1997; directed by R.Wacano) and Malgosia in Kopeke (1997; directed by K.Gremm).

In 1995, Aldona appeared in plays in the Teatr Ludowy ('the Folk Theater'*) in Cracow.

In 1999, Aldona returned to Poland and started working for Teatr Kwadrat in Warsaw. "I think I had some luck. A friend of mine invited me to a premiere performance in Teatr Kwadrat. I met the manager and was offered a job." She acted in various plays, including "Panna Tipdale" by Ray Conney and John Chapman ('Miss Tipdale'; 1999), "Colombina" by Carlo Goldoni (2003), "Dekorator" ('The Decorator') and "Okno na parlament" ('A View to the Parliament') and has appeared in plays by F. Falk, M. Dutkiewicz, W. Adamek, A. Kostenka and F. Zelber. She's currently performing in the following plays: "Nie teraz kochanie" ('Not Now, Darling') by Marcin Slawinski and "Sluga dwóch panów" ('Two Masters' Servant') by Waldemar Matuszewski.

Aldona appeared in Quo Vadis (2001), a film by Jerzy Kawalerowicz based on the famous book by Henryk Sienkiewicz (the winner of the literary Nobel Prize).

In 2004, Aldona acted in the Atlantis theater in Warsaw.

In 2009, Aldona was offered a role in a new TV series, Wrozki ('Fairies'). Unfortunately, the production was cancelled due to the financial crisis.

Current personal life

Aldona Orman has been divorced since 2001. Currently, she is in a relationship with a 59-year-old businessman Edmund Borucki (whom she met around 2004-2005) and she lives in Warsaw. On October 23, 2008 Aldona gave birth to her first child (a daughter named Idalia Vanessa) in the Bielanski hospital in Warsaw.

Aldona speaks of herself as an independent woman that is happy with her life. She says that her passion for style and class is also due to her Zodiac sign.


Informal nickname: the "Polish Sharon Stone"

Height: 5'6'' (165 cm)

Bra size: 70D (32D)

Hobbies/Interests: sports cars, travelling (Polish mountainside), yoga, gym, chess

Foreign languages: German (fluent)

Favorite music: jazz (Nat King Cole, Diana Krall), pop, classical

Favorite food: fish, Mediterranean cuisine, royal shrimps

Favorite drink: wine

Favorite actors: Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons, Russell Crowe



2003: Dlugi weekend ('The Long Weekend'), as Renata

2001: Quo Vadis (directed by J. Kawalerowicz), as Kalwia Kryspinilla

2000: To my ('This is Us'), as Karolina's mother

1999: Narzeczona (directed by J. Zaorski), as Ewa

1997: Kopeke, as Malgosia (directed by K.Gremm)

1997: Wie wurden Sie entscheiden, as Teresa (directed by R.Wacano)

1996: Pumuckl, as Julie (directed by J. Moschkowitz)

1995: Zwischen uns, as Anna (directed by U. Binder)

1992: Als die Sonne Ihr Gesicht verbard, as Donna (directed by M. Pfeil)

TV series:

2012: Ja to mam szczescie ('God, I'm lucky'), as neighbor

2011: Ojciec Mateusz ('Father Matthew')

2009: Przeznaczenie ('Destiny')

2007: Odwroceni ('The Reversed'), as Zuza, the brothel manager (guest appearance)

2007: I kto tu rzadzi ('And who's in charge here'), as Olga Kalinska (guest appearance)

2006: Kochaj mnie, kochaj! ('Love Me, Love Me!')

2006: Kryminalni ('The Crims'), as Danuta, Zenon Malak's ex-wife (guest appearance)

2006: Swieta wojna ('The Holy War'), as Beta

2005: Czego sie boja faceci, czyli seks w mniejszym miescie ('What Men Fear - Sex in the Small City'), as the sponsor's representative (guest appearance)

2004-09: Pierwsza milosc ('Fist Love'), as Anna Swietochowicz

2004-05: Plebania ('Presbytery'), as Wiola, Mrs Prokopiuk's granddaughter

2004: Czwarta wladza ('The Fourth Power'), as the director of the government clinic

2004: Stacyjka ('The Little Station'), as Elegantka

2004: Swieta polskie ('Polish holidays'), as the nurse

2003-2005: Defekt ('Defect'), as Jolanta Wolczyk, Makler's ex-wife (guest appearance)

2003-04: Glina ('Cop'), as Grazyna Janowska, police psychologist

2003: Zaginiona ('Lost'), as Maciek's partner at the ball (guest appearance)

2003: Tygrysy Europy ('Tigers of Europe'), as Jola Krasucka

2002: Quo Vadis, as Kalwia Kryspinilla

2001-02: Klan ('Clan'), as Barbara Milecka (guest appearance); as detective agency secretary

2000-01: Adam i Ewa ('Adam and Eve'), as the chief editor of the daily paper "Glos Dnia" ('Voice of the Day')

2000: Twarze i maski ('Faces and Masks'), as the TV reporter (guest appearance)

2000: Sloneczna wlocznia, as Artur's mother (guest appearance)

1999-2000: Tredowata, as Michalina Cwilecka

1999: Miodowe lata ('Honey Years'), as Anna Walczak (guest appearance)

1998-99: Zycie jak poker ('Life Like Poker'), as Sandra Debowska

1997: Lata i dni ('Years and Days'), as Sandra

Theater roles (selected):

2004: Fircyk w zalotach, as Podstolina (Zamek Krolewski)

2004: Dekorator ('The Decorator', D. Churchill), as Jane; Teatr Kwadrat

2003: Colombina (Carlo Goldoni), Teatr Kwadrat

2003: Sluga dwoch panow ('Two Masters' Servant', W. Matuszewski), as Colombina; Teatr Kwadrat

2003: Okno na parlament ('A View to the Parliament'), as Ms Jane; Teatr Kwadrat

1999: Panna Tipdale (Ray Conney, John Chapman), Teatr Kwadrat

1999: Nie teraz kochanie ('Not Now, Darling', Marcin Slawinski), Teatr Kwadrat

(?): Die Goldene Schnur (singing German pop hits of the 60's), as W. Windisch

1995: Fascho Park (V. Ahnen & Ottl, directed by V. Ahnen), as Lisa

1994: Dantos Tod (G. Buchner, directed by B. Dabinus), as Lucille and Marion

1993: Mosfeld (A. Schiller, directed by M. Killer), as the journalist

1993: Freund fur's Leben (M. Sperr, directed by P. Werhan), as Ida

1993: Wedding Dream (Franz Kafka, directed by M. Killer), as Donna

1992: Eine Insel wie zehn Jahre (R.W. Fassbinder, directed by M. Killer), as Geisha

1989: Ivanov (A. Chekhov, directed by Jacek Bunsch), as Martha Babakin; the Polish Theater, Wroclaw, Poland

Aldona Orman's official website:



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