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Joanna Liszowska


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Joanna Liszowska (pron. [yaw-'un-nuh lee-'chauff-skah]) (born December 12, 1978 in Cracow, Poland) is a Polish actress and singer.

Joanna graduated from Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Cracow. Her career began in 2001 at the Theatrical Song Festival in Wroclaw where she received the third prize. Some of her other successes include the Grand Prix Award at the Artistic Song Festival in Rybink and a special award at the Agnieszka Osiecka Song Festival in Sopot.

Joanna plays the role of Mrs Capulet in the Polish version of the musical Romeo & Juliet. She also sings in the Chicago musical.

In 2007, Joanna took part in the show Jak oni spiewaja? (How They Sing) which she won and gained the opportunity to record her own album.

In 2005, Joanna posed for the September issue of PIayboy magazine.


joannaliszowskazh1.th.jpg joannaliszowska2gk7.th.png joannaliszowska23mt6.th.jpg joannaliszowska001qd8.th.jpg joannaliszowska222nd4.th.jpg liszowska3cq6.th.jpg joannaliszowska232ui6.th.jpg joannaliszowska333eb3.th.jpg joannaliszowska12vz5.th.jpg joannaliszowskaw2001rkb1.th.jpg joannaliszowskanajpiknihb6.th.jpg asialiszowskadv1.th.jpg joannaliszowska224ey8.th.jpg joannaliszowska323kp8.th.jpg joannaliszowska234tj8.th.jpg joannaliszowska56ex1.th.jpg





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