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  1. ELLE ITALIA, MARCH 1998 "Leggermente" Photographer:Giovanni Gastel Model:Margherita Suppini Styling:Micaela Sessa Make up:Alessandra Casoni/Freelancer Hair:Maurizio Kulpherk/Giovanni di Muro Scanned by Rosie Nikolaeva
  2. Georgina Bartlett Height: 175 cm Bust 89 cm Waist:64 cm Hips:89 cm Shoes:40 Hair:Dark Blonde Eyes:Amber Georgina began modelling straight after college,when she was 17. modelscomposites
  3. Lise Brand is an 80s model, represente by Elite, New York. Height: 1.74 Dress Size: 40 Bust: 86 Waist: 62 Hips: 89 Shoes: 39 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue-Green modelcomposites
  4. Annette Karlsson is an 80s model, she was represented by Elite (New York). Height: 1.73 Bust: 86 Waist: 61 Hips: 89 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue modelcomposites
  5. loeildelaphotographie.com
  6. Stella Goodall is an 80s model, represented by Pauline's, New York. Height: 1.78 Dress Size: 38 Bust: 86 Waist: 64 Hips: 89 Shoes: 41 Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Blue modelcomposites
  7. system-magazine.com
  8. US Elle March 1988 The Super Suits Photographer: Marc Hispard Models: Karen Alexander, Jeny Howorth, Jo Kelly & Celia Forner Fashion Editor: Harriett Mays Hair: Ayo Makeup: Craig Gadson Scanned by kelles @ tfs
  9. Charlotte Norton Morgan is an 80s model, represented by Select, London. Height: 1.75 Bust: 84 Waist: 61 Hips: 86 Shoes: 39 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
  10. the-aop.org
  11. Michaela Bock is an 80s model, represented by FAM, Paris. Height: 1.79 Bust: 87 Waist: 61 Hips: 61 Shoes: 38 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue modelcomposites
  12. Bente Ullereng is a model from the 80s and 90s that was represented by Elite New York, Karins Paris & Viva Paris. She is one of the great faces in Tyen's Christian Dior Advertisements. Height: 1.73 Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue-Gray Nationality: Norwegian
  13. Marie Lindfors is an 80s model, represented by Karins, Paris. Height: 1.78 Bust: 88 Waist: 61 Hips: 90 Shoes: 40 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Hazel modelcomposites
  14. Sam Jenkins is an 80s/90s model, represented by Crystal, Paris. Born: October 18, 1964 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Height: 1.77 Bust: 86 Waist: 61 Hips: 89 Shoes: 42 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Under her maiden name, Jenkins, Sorbo played Serena on the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. In the show, Hercules falls in love with Sorbo's character and they get married, but Serena dies under mysterious circumstances. Sorbo starred as Dr. Caroline Eggert in the third season of Chicago Hope and alongside Steve Buscemi in Twenty Bucks and Ed and His Dead Mother. She had guest appearances as Mariah on seaQuest DSV and she acted alongside her husband as Dr. Sara Riley in two episodes of Andromeda. Under her married name, Sorbo hosts a weekday radio show, The Sam Sorbo Show, syndicated nationwide by Mojo 5-0 Radio. She also co-hosts Flashpoint Live, a weekly radio news magazine. Sorbo studied Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, but decided to pursue modeling and acting afterwards. Sorbo married actor Kevin Sorbo on January 5, 1998. They have three children together, whom they homeschooled. Sorbo wrote They're Your Kids, a book that chronicles her family's experience with homeschooling. She publicly advocates homeschooling. Sorbo is the spokesman and chair of A World Fit for Kids!, a non-profit organization that trains teenagers to become mentors to younger children. Sandra Sorbo is a practicing Christian.
  15. Melissa McKnight is an 80s model, represented by Elite, New York. Height: 1.73 Dress Size: 36-37 Bust: 86 Waist: 61 Hips: 87 Shoes: 40 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Green modelcomposites
  16. Carrie Miller is an 80s/90s model, represented by Iconic Focus. Born: 1964 U.S. Height: 1.78 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Carrie Miller’s career as a model began with her entry into the Eileen and Jerry Ford’s Model’s “Face of the 80’s” at the age of 19. Upon winning the international contest in 1983, she moved to New York and was propelled to the top of the fashion industry. She maintained a study roster of editorial, advertising and commercial clients in the US and abroad, developing many long term relationships which kept her working consistently through the years. Eventually, while keeping the modeling career in play, she moved to San Francisco to pursue her undergraduate degree at SFSU and eventually another passion- interior design. Having her own design studio for 7 years led to a partnership with two talented friends called Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design. Now a mother to her young son, Zachary, and living with her husband in Marin County, she continues to embrace modeling as one of her many pursuits. Instagram: carriekerwin
  17. Leslie Stratton is an 80s model, represented by Elite, NY. Height: 1.74 Bust: 84 Waist: 61 Hips: 89 Shoes: 40/41 Hair: Brown Eyes: Breen
  18. Jen Yarrow is an 80s model, represented by Elite, New York. Height: 1.78 Dress Size: 39-40 Bust: 91 Waist: 66 Hips: 91 Shoes: 41 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green modelcomposites
  19. pierogemelli.com
  20. hamiltonsgallery.com
  21. Hey, guys! Just as promised I have started my own vintage runway thread to avoid spamming with catwalk pics in Vintage Model ID topic. I have been collecting runway images from 80's, 90's and 00's for ages and I have tons of unknown (to me!) models. I hope you can help me to find their names so I could arrange my archives. @RocketQueen, @BlueAcadia, @Chirkomania, and other vintage experts, I hope you'll visit this thread with your amazing knowledge! Here we go! Chantal Thomas FW 1986: Chantal Thomas FW 1990: Hermes SS 1990: Karl Lagerfeld SS 1990: Missoni FW 1990:
  22. Ebba Elmer is an 80s/90s model, represented by Karins, Paris. Height: 1.74 Bust: 86 Waist: 60 Hips: 87 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Green modelcomposites.com
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