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  1. Yippee! Thanks a BIG bunch for the confirmation. I've been trying to identify this model for years and only just stumbled into this thread this morning while hunting for someone else. If anyone is interested, I can post the rest of them.
  2. Is this Megan Williams? They're from 2016 Mori Lee prom dresses.
  3. Thanks for these. I love seeing new posts of classic models from that 80's and 90's.
  4. Excellent find! Thanks a bunch for these.
  5. I have an offer to any serious collectors of bridal imagery. I've been buying older bridal magazines from Ebay for many years and scanning the gown ads. I share these high resolution scans with a few other fans and am opening it up to folks here. At one time I sent a portable hard drive around the world, but this has become cumbersome. I now share it via Mega.nz, a widely used file sharing site. The entire collection spans mostly the mid 70's to the mid 90's and includes a few odds and ends from other collectors. It's *gulp* over 200GB in size. Because a free Mega account only allo
  6. Here's some shots of her from the 2016 Mori Lee online catalogue where she modeled prom gowns. I have all of the images from this site and if anyone wants them I'll put them in a rar file and stick it in my Mega box for easy download. There's too many large images to put here. Oh and thanks to modelknowledge for identifying her.
  7. I do believe you're right....and really right. Armed with a possible name, I waded through a bunch of searches and I'd have to say you've nailed it. I'm going to post some of my pictures in her thread. I see that you're in New York. I'm up in New Brunswick and next time I head down your way I'll take you out for beer.🍻 Thanks a big bunch! Bob
  8. This model has been seen (at least by me) only once in 2016, modelling for Morilee prom gowns. I've searched for years and the closest I can come is possibly Juliana Meuller (?) A beauty like her just has to have modeled somewhere else but I've never found her. Free beer (Newcastle Brown Ale) to anyone that can ID her. ...and a BIG thanks for trying.
  9. Thanks for all these posts, I've always been intrigued by print models from the 70's, 80's and 90's.
  10. I've found references to this picture as ' Hilary Rhoda ' but a search under that name brings up images of models that to me, don't look like her.
  11. Thanks Eva, for giving it a try. I'm presently going through the (new to me) model archives of Marlowe Press. There must be a few thousand ladies listed, making me certain I'll find her...among others. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the response. I'm sorry to hear that your site was closed as I'm a fan (without being weird, creepy or obsessive) of models from the 80's and early 90's. The seventies was also a fun era...I fondly remember the Sears and Eatons catalogues...*sigh*. I sympathize with your desire to rescue dogs. We take in stray or rescued cats, including injured feral cats. We even kept one of the wild cats who settled down and turned into a pretty nice house cat. Anyway, I'd like to take you up on your offer to identify models from that era. Please have a look at the f
  13. Aha! Thanks for this post. I'm looking to identify as many models as possible who appeared in bridal ads from the 80's and 90's. By the way, there's been no new posts from Eva in several years and her intended site lists the domain as being for sale. Did this idea of a site showcasing those amazing ladies from the 80's and 90's die?
  14. What should one do if there's hundreds of images of a particular model? My interest lies in models modelling formal wear. I'll find a model in say the Morilee site where she appears in several hundred photos wearing a wide variety of Bridal, formal and prom gowns. I post a few representative images, then the link and a short synopsis of the site. If folks are fans of the model, they'll go and grab them for themselves. The other problem is that these image hosting sites go up and down frequently, or hold your image hostage behind spam downloaders. A better solution might be for serious f
  15. There are hundreds of high quality shots of her on the Morilee website where she's modeling prom and formal gowns for 2018. https://www.morilee.com/browse/bridal-wedding-dresses/
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