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Julie Wolfe

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Here's a thread for one of my favorite but largely unsung models: Julie Wolfe. I've been searching for pix of her for years and this is what I have. Hoping to see some new stuff from anyone else who has some to contribute. She used to model extensively for Avon Fashion (later Newport News).

Some of these scans are mine, others have been found on the net (credit to the original uploaders!)

post-43756-0-1446151443-96021_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151443-97258_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151443-98551_thumb.jpg

post-43756-0-1446151444-00438_thumb.jpg th_268921959_avon06057_Avon_002_123_590lo.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-00989_thumb.jpg

post-43756-0-1446151444-01445_thumb.jpg th_268923712_37_123_357lo.jpg th_268924272_54a_123_211lo.jpg

post-43756-0-1446151444-02621_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-0349_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-04715_thumb.jpg

post-43756-0-1446151444-06062_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-0809_thumb.jpg th_268516867_nice_123_571lo.jpg

post-43756-0-1446151444-08823_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-10278_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-1178_thumb.jpg


th_268199400_avon3_123_225lo.jpg th_268201943_avon4_123_41lo.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-12561_thumb.jpg

post-43756-0-1446151444-14142_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-15344_thumb.jpg th_268208870_juliewolferoyalsilk88_123_470lo.JPG

post-43756-0-1446151444-15952_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-1652_thumb.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-17549_thumb.jpg


th_267473659_bra1_123_26lo.jpg th_267482256_brapanty1_123_434lo.jpg th_267490219_double_123_209lo.jpg

th_267499851_swim_123_168lo.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-18899_thumb.jpg th_326751449_swim3_123_792lo.jpg

th_267521343_teddy_123_129lo.jpg th_267529651_teddy2_123_490lo.jpg post-43756-0-1446151444-20171_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for posting these! I had a HUGE crush on her as a teenager. I still have one Avon catalog with some pics that aren't posted here. I will scan and share soon.

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