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  1. Isabeli will always be a beautiful woman, but this, " tight hair pull against the scalp look," tends to give her an asian look that is not flattering on her or the many other women who wore it at Cannes this year. Just my opinion
  2. Such a pretty girl! But, she is getting too thin, and I'm afraid it's not healthy.
  3. Blonde, long hair, cute smile, small chest, great butt, exceptional back arch. Who does that sound like? Yep, she's in the same mould as Candace!
  4. Svein, I don't know if I could have made it through the day without knowing how you feel about her! Cheers!
  5. What's the big deal if she's had implants? Just seems like everybody's making mountains out of mole hills!!🤣
  6. Are we still unsure of the nature of her accident or can anyone say? Regardless, I hope she is healing well.
  7. Amazing shape she is in! At 41ish it is hard to imagine a model in better shape and so naturally beautiful!
  8. Prettier than most of the VS models!
  9. Girl's got a better body than half the VS Angels!
  10. If you read carefully, you'll see I was speaking about putting a blood product ON TOP of the skin, like a salve or ointment. It has NO beneficial effect. Introducing it SUBDERMALLY like with microneedling is a different matter all together. But, Elsa is only putting it on top, she mentions nothing about microneedling and the jar of product she is putting on herself would not be something a therapist administers subdermally. So, probably she is getting a placebo effect.
  11. No scientific evidence that putting anything with blood on top of your skin will rejuvenate it. PRP (plasma rich proteins) are used SUBDERMALLY via injection to stimulate collagen production which is the foundation of skin. Results are VERY variable and certainly don't compare to a facelift. Similar procedures are used in dentistry to regenerate bone ( different products, though) in patients with periodontal disease once disease is controlled. Bone grafting products are used all the time in extraction sites to minimize bone loss. Take home message: Placebo effect is more powerful than the scientific evidence of a beneficial effect. Elsa would be far better off watching what she puts into her body and DEFINITLY LAY OFF THE CIGARETTES!!
  12. OMG! Meditations for all of us!
  13. I think we should be allowed to judge this for ourselves 😉
  14. Good Lord! She looks like Iza with some meat on her bones! Pretty girl!
  15. She's pretty damn proud of her," storeboughts" isn't she?
  16. This is what I mean by a half moon scar under her areola. You don't see the scar to be contiguous around the entire areola. Snapshot of a video. But, hey, you are free to believe what you want!
  17. Keep in mind that it's pretty easy to touch up photos but when you look at videos it is very apparent. The fact that it is in the shape of a half moon under her areola and it is found on the other breast as well is usually indicative. Breast movement can be enhanced with less supportive tops.
  18. If you look closely on some of the videos you will see a half moon shaped incision just at the lower border of her areola and skin. There is a raised line(scar) and it is a different color than the other transition areas above her areola. These same observations appear on both breasts, so it is not an aberration. They are implants. Quite well done though
  19. Thanks for all your hard work, Alpat!
  20. Samiot


    Those pictures of Petra at," BlacKkKlansmen," are simply tragic. It's inevitable there will be a wardrobe malfunction when you wear a dress with a slit like that. No way to prevent it without being obvious. Outfit is in poor taste IMHO.
  21. Oh where, oh where did I put my top?! LOL!
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