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  1. Nice! Certainly one of the more natural boob jobs I've seen
  2. Wow! The face of Frida Gustavson and the body of Samantha Gradoville
  3. Serious Margot Robbie vibes
  4. She is the Grace Elisabeth of Australia! Beautiful and very engaging in photos
  5. Yeah, I think she can leverage the, "I used to be an Angel," thing in her local market and do well with whatever gym business she is starting.......as long as she doesn't bash modelling in general, and VS in particular.
  6. If she can work more in the American market, she will be the, "next big thing."
  7. She is truly a, "Vargas " style girl. Curves everywhere. She needs to embrace this when considering her career direction.
  8. To each, their own as far as Erin's physical beauty goes. The main reason for her career having gone the way it did resides between her ears. If we, as outside observers, caught her vibes, imagine what her employers saw.
  9. What are moms for? http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/israeli-top-model-bar-refaeli-convicted-of-tax-evasion/ar-BB16Xlr0?li=BBnb7Kz
  10. She is always ready to perform when the paps are around
  11. I wondered how this was going to end for Bar
  12. Hello, Nicole! It is very easy for those of us who's careers and lives do not put us in front of the camera( and through the internet, the world) to be critical of those who do. I'm sure most of us have done things we,( with the benefit of hindsight), regret. However, most of us are free to ponder our actions privately without the open and casual scrutiny or vilification of others. For what it's worth, I agree with not being imprisoned by a mistake. It is not how you fall, it is how you get up that will define you. I hope you heal fully and are able to continue a successful career. Best of luck now and in the future!
  13. Talia, please include not touching your face to your routine too!
  14. I think she makes more of a statement as a brunette. Wish she would go back. And BTW, does Jessica not work much or are we not seeing all of her work? Because with her looks, she should be blowing up, but only 2 pages in 2 years? I don't understand?
  15. The VS gravy train might be running out. SI is there, once again, to pick up more HF spoils. She will look great as she has the body type they are looking for. Funny, though, hearing such a veteran model being coined a, "rookie!"
  16. Reminds me of Sanne Vloet from some angles
  17. ^ Yeah, that one's going to come back to bite ya!
  18. Unless you can back up that accusation with facts, then I find that statement totally inappropriate for this forum
  19. ^ A couple of classic beauties!
  20. There's a model I thought we wouldn't see much anymore! So nice to see her name pop up, even if it is old work
  21. Getting serious Isabeli vibes from this girl!
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