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  1. Looks like they were going for that sixties Kodachrome 64 look but pushed the ISO too much
  2. Are these recent? Can't believe she's still kickin' it
  3. She's an interesting combination of Edita and Monika with a little Madison Hope Headrick thrown in for good measure. Pretty girl with a great future!
  4. She is a classically beautiful woman in the same way the classic Victoria Secret and SI models of the 1990's and 2000's appeared. Sadly, to me, at least, those days are gone. There are only a handful left like her, so we should enjoy them while we can.
  5. Ok, I'm sure she is a great mom, but, holding your child anywhere above a high railing scares me to death.
  6. Seems to be a popular thing these days
  7. ^ Curious to see how this works out for VS. But, mostly sorry we won't be seeing Jojo and the Angels any more
  8. She seems to be one of the busier models in the industry at the moment which is a win for us
  9. Does that make her a, "smokeshow?"😆
  10. She is going from strength to strength. We are watching her approach another echelon in modelling
  11. In her prime, she was fire!
  12. ^ Well, Pacinko, she's got to be quite a bit younger than Cintia. I just mean her look as a sultry redhead. Give Chloe a few more years, though.
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