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  1. ^Just don't expect them to last
  2. She looks straight out of a Bond movie!
  3. "Don't you draw the Queen of Diamonds, boy, she'll beat you if she's able." -- Desperado
  4. Beautiful! Athletic and artistic at the same time
  5. On 8/25/2023 at 1:46 PM, borg said: What seems to be clear is that he never had anything with Candice. In fact, the time we thought there was something going on with him and Candice, it's because Joan was there too. So what seems clear is that he is Joan's boyfriend and, apparently, he has been for a while. Or maybe they broke up and now they're back. But yeah, I'd bet there was never anything between them, we just saw them together because they both have Joan in common and it was wrongly thought there was something between them. this is the intel I was looking for. Appreciate it 🤙🏼 What does seem to be clear is that in the spring, Glenn had a something with Gigi Paris.
  6. Great work A-J! Much appreciated!
  7. If you want to know something about a specialized topic, you go to an expert on that topic, not some model however beautiful she might be. As far as we know, she has one skill that is capable of earning her our attention and that is modelling. If I had a question about an aspect of modelling, I would consider her an experienced expert and her opinion would count for a lot So to expect her to be in an expert on subject matters beyond modelling is ridiculous. She is, however, entitled to her opinion on any subject. However, she, like everyone else, is open to scrutiny for her opinion, especially if it is on a topic for which she is NOT a subject matter expert. And, I think that is what she is experiencing currently; a bit of a backlash and perhaps some cancelling due to her willingness to opine on things she knows very little about. Surely, this is normal and maybe reflects a little naivete on her part if she is surprised about it, or perhaps some arrogance and lack of wisdom if she doesn't care how she appears. Wisdom would tell her to, "stay in her lane!"
  8. What a beautiful womanly figure!
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