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  1. Sorry to see Baggot and Stranger 50 go. Whenever I checked out various models' threads, invariably I would find them there, making it apparent to me that we shared an interest in similar models. Thanks for your contributions and comments. They were always cordial and welcomed. Be well
  2. Is she related to Vanessa Fuchs? They have similar facial structure and lips
  3. Pretty model with a very expressive face
  4. ^ Constance and Maggie Sands have a company together called French Bloom that imports non alcoholic sparkling wine. That is what she is drinking. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/people-parties/bazaar-at-work/a39118295/how-to-go-into-business-with-a-friend/
  5. Thanks for the update Ve.ro.nika!
  6. Maggie must be one of the busiest models right now. She has a drop of photos daily. These ^Beach Bunny pics are great!
  7. Robin seems to have started a short-shorter hair trend that is catching on
  8. No way would I be able to work out with her in the room!
  9. Maybe one of the best looks at Cannes this year
  10. Perfect for SI, which means, of course, they won't use her
  11. VV was awesome! She was along with Daniela Pestova part of the Czech chics who had such a big presence in SI for years. With classically beautiful figures, and beautiful faces they were big in Victoria's Secret. Occasionally, there is a post about Daniela, but I rarely see anything about Veronica. Would be interested to hear what she is doing now. Thanks for your post!
  12. Yeah, It feels like VS is interested in presenting the visual, "facts" and not trying to engage any emotional appeal of the product. Yet with Maggie it is all about the feels.
  13. This is like a contradiction: the sexy funeral look? Don't know how I feel about it
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