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  1. indeed! I'll add that in now, thankyou for reminding me
  2. the third girl looks like Stella to me. and how did Elsa's bf know her name if it was the first time they met??
  3. ^ I don't think I've seen that! I guess it'll pop up online somewhere soon
  4. You mean Lancôme? mustn't of been an effective ad
  5. ^ to girls that is short hair lol, for the type of modelling she does that's considered pretty short as well
  6. ^ but she said in an interview a couple of days back she wants more kids but not right now I think it must've been the dress
  7. ^ I don't think Behati has sport in her contract, atleast I haven't seen her shoot for them.
  8. that seems fairly presumptuous, isnt ale and Adriana in LA right now?
  9. Elsa honestly looks better than ever with this haircut, I love how they're styling it.
  10. so good to see her back for chanel
  11. yes exactly, I'm probably in the minority but I love interviews when the model gets to show off her personality. it's never anything deep but I think you get a better idea of who they are. when you put it that way, yeah it's just as bad, but I was thinking more about scale. 1 model vs basically the entire hf industry I'm actually pretty excited for them to start shooting, aspen looks so beautiful
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