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  1. do we know what day the show films? not sure if i missed it
  2. The HQ pictures make such a big difference
  3. Somebody on tfs actually suggested that Candice is shooting Givenchy campaign because she is Riccardo's muse and he calls her part of his squad. And the timeline matches, so it is possible. If that is true though, her schedule is going to be tight. Ohhh let's hope!
  4. Maybe she booked Givenchy again? I heard that Imaan is shooting Givenchy over the VS show.
  5. yes! they do the same thing when it comes to the swim shoots, usually the pics end up on the dailymail
  6. He still walks better than Gigi
  7. I thought that regulars like izabel, isabeli, and even joan and jourdan didn't have to go through the audition process.. I feel like Jourdan just didn't want to this year..
  8. You read my mind! I was literally about to point that out