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  1. HQs please......
  2. where are the HQs
  3. She has gone to become a fatty
  4. where are the HQs???????????
  5. why the fuck Toni Garnn is not there Its an insult to her super bikini bod
  6. one of the most underrated model of our times she should be VS Angel asap
  7. HQ please please, of all above
  8. she can give any top model or VS angel a run for their money but she needs to do more lingerie brands like VS itself She is cute + sexy + a body to die for
  9. one of the best pair of globes in the business
  10. we want HQ we want HQ stuff
  11. Thanks but I want more Sometimes greed is good
  12. I want HQ of above and without tags on below left side
  13. just wow
  14. why is she not doing bikini shoots any more..these days?