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  1. Black bodysuit is Prima Donna, White is Sans Complexe
  2. 100% certain Karolina Szymczak https://spp.com.pl/models/karolina-szymczak https://www.listal.com/karolina-szymczak
  3. Although some likeness to Jessica Monroe , she is not.
  4. Chantelle and other brands. Heres a few random pictures
  5. Im thinking 90% chance but cant confirm it with anything tagged on instagram or management portfolio
  6. From the Lepel brand now part of Pour Moi
  7. She was in "Cream Lemon" Magazine November 2017 See https://www.magzter.com/US/Constant-Beacon-Publishing/Cream-Lemon-Magazine-(UK)/Lifestyle/255227
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