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  1. The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Pics: http://nowfashion.com/victoria-s-secret-fashion-show-2016-paris-20621
  2. Kate Grigorieva

    Regarding having to continue working (like the way she did when she debuted in 2014) at the market she was at prior to VS....... let me just say that the contract was really strict. And there are BTS stuff that went on there that's why she stayed for few months in Russia. But truly, I am really glad that she got a chance to be a VS Angel because it really was her dream.
  3. Kate Grigorieva

    That's true. There isn't any discussions yet if there will be an extension, but she has new offers now and this new contract will not comply with the contract restrictions of VS, so her agency is not sure if renewing the VS contract will be worth it. I am hoping her agency goes for the other contract. She already has the VS angel status in her resume, and even if the VS contract is renewed, I think Kate's situation would not change that much. That VS contract restricted her into doing more work. It kinda ruined her career trajectory in HF. She was just starting to blossom up in the HF scene during S/S 2015 when VS signed her the following season.
  4. Josephine Skriver

    I am here for her - she is my fave! The best of the new ones, imo.
  5. Kate Grigorieva

    J. Mendel F/W 16.17 New York
  6. Taylor Hill

    Tommy Hilfiger F/W 16.17 New York
  7. Sara Sampaio

    Tommy Hilfiger F/W 16.17 New York
  8. Kate Grigorieva

    Carolina Herrera F/W 16.17 New York
  9. Kate Grigorieva

    Herve Leger F/W 16 New York
  10. Kate Grigorieva

    ^ Don't worry babe. Her contract has ended now, or if not, soon enough. No need for complains.
  11. Kate Grigorieva

    So I guess she won't be at that VS store opening in Moscow at Feb. 6 since she's heading to NY now. Fashion week perhaps. If they still need a Russian angel, maybe Vita replaced her. Maybe it's a sign if Vita appeared in the opening of the store instead of Kate.
  12. Kate Grigorieva

    Whoah, they let her speak?! Though in all seriousness, I am keeping my fingers crossed for future Agent Provocateur work.
  13. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    So they really left Jac out as well? Makes sense that there is another non-angel among the group. So the two newest angels with the least insta followers are the ones left out for this... It will be sad if Jac ends up getting cut next year as well. She risked the career she built for herself over the years for VS.
  14. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I wonder why Lily left early. Does she still have some SI commitment stuff or is it all done now?
  15. The 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    I think Kate did pretty well in closing the segment. I just wish she walked like she normally would. She does it best when she does it her own way.