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  1. Please stop censoring boobs! :ermm:

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    2. elfstone


      Your set looks so familiar I think I might have watched that video like two days ago :ninja:

    3. lostdiadem


      I needed a change and decided to go with someone new that I like :rofl: 

    4. elfstone
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    2. elfstone


      By all means close it, but please dont delete it just yet! 

    3. Prettyphile


      It's hidden, I can see it just fine. She doesn't want a thread, sorry

    4. elfstone


      Yeah I get it. It has happened before too with a few other models on BZ

  2. Thank you for the heads up :smile:

  3. OMG Bo! :o

    Where's that siggy from??

  4. Merry Christmas hun :hehe:

    And btw, I was joking the other day. Elsa is the ultimate Cool Girl :yes:

    1. toodarnhot


      Thank you! Hope you had a good holiday too! 

  5. Merry Christmas sir! :chicken:

    Have a great one! :hehe:

    1. RIP_Cabrini_Green


      Thank You so much! You as well!! Hope Santa was good to you!!

  6. Merry Christmas Darling! :hug:

    I hope by next Xmas we shall be talking how great 2016 was for Miss Knudson :hehe:

  7. Happy Holidays!:sorcerer:  You shall always be the Santa for us on BZ :hehe:

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