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  1. Thank you so much ,Uma is stunning! I love the last pic from Kill Bill.I love those movies.
  2. I sincerely hope she pulls thorugh.
  3. Eva look gorgeous in pic nb.3,wish I could look like that.
  4. Jenna is so beneth Scarlett,who´s sex appeal is not in her look it´s in her demenar.Her essence.The way she carries herself.Jenna Jameson is so ugly,´ve only seen her pictures in the magazine.I have never seen a movie of the kind she makes and I´m glad about that.I don´t want to ban them either just that it´s not my cup of tea.
  5. DelPieroBallackFan


    My Collection: Must Love Dogs(Diane Lane&John Cusack) Layer Cake(Daniel Craig) Citizen Kane(Orson Wells) Match Point( Woody Allen Film starring Scarlett Johansson) A Good Woman(Scarlett Johansson) Ice Age Jewel of The Nile Romancing The Stone A bunch of criminal shows with Helen Mirren and John Nettles such as Jane Tennison series and Midsomer Murders series) TV-Series: OTH Season 1(the best season) DALLAS Season 1&2 Deadwood Complete First Season Wish List: The Thin Man,DALLAS Season 3,Knots Landing Season 1&2,Raging Bull,A couple of Woody Allen movies like Annie Hall(to many to list them all) and so on...
  6. Thank you so much for the pics,Debra is great!
  7. Great Hilari pictures.I like Peyton a whole lot better than Brooke on OTH,HB has more talent I think.
  8. What´s aging have to do with anything? If I looked even half as good as Jenny in a few years I´´ll be lucky.Aniston look good for any age,and she isn´t THAT old.
  9. I agree,he seems so normal.I think her acctually lives in Australia and only lives in Hollywood while making a film.
  10. I never get tired of looking at this man.Figo is so hot
  11. But he´s hot.I love watch him on the telly
  12. ITA,she looked so beautiful before.I hate how she butchered herself.When Harry Met Sally,The Doors are amongst her best work as an actress,I think.Anyone seen In the cut?i can really recommend it´s not your typical"Meg Ryan Movie",it´s a dark,excellent piece.
  13. Neither acctually :yuckky: but Brad got my vote as he´s no couch jumper if you know what I mean?
  14. I love Special victims Unit.The actors are amazing and the scrips and the storys are better than some movies out nowdays.
  15. Great shots of Katie,thanks so much
  16. Thank you so much for Norah,she rocks!
  17. All I know abotu Mandy is that she has a killer hairstyle(the short pixie one) and she appeared on Entourage for a couple of eppies.She seems nice.
  18. Huh?Jim Morrison,along with others,invented cool......Thanks for the pics ,I feel some icons coming on.
  19. It´s the eys that makes her stand out,I think.
  20. Because those idiots in Hollywood set the standards for how women should look,them,along with the fashion designers(males,who want to make women into males) ar saying women are´t talented enough,beautiful enough or fit enough to being with.They are pathetic!Anyway..thank you so much for the Hunter pics .She is fab,I love Taylor:)
  21. I think Kelly is great.Just her Sam character that sucks these days.Too bad,she is very talented.Wasen´t Kelly supposed to start a new gig on DH as Gabbys sister?ITA,her Playboy pics(thanks to Google) aren´t that bad.She isn´t ashamed of them,she stated so many times.
  22. Thank you so much for the Alexa pics.I too,watch AMC.I like Babe,just not with Josh :evil:
  23. Kelly is hilaroius.But the Maxim shot looks a bit strange...Photshoping anyone?
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