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  1. Francois Arnaud

    Thank you so much for sharing these
  2. Linda Darnell

    I loved her in Fallen Angel and The Mask of Zorro.
  3. Gerard Butler

    He is gorgeous
  4. Kelly Monaco

    Thank you for the new Kelly pics.And no,those are not her kids.
  5. Lauren Hutton

    Beautiful,especially that last picture.Thank you so much
  6. Maybelline

    I wish I´d looked that good.
  7. Keanu Reeves

    Yeah,he´s Hawaiian.He is so hot,plus he can act!
  8. Eva Mendes

    Thank you so much,Eva is so cool.
  9. House, MD

    I love this show.I´m a House/Cameron Shipper myself.
  10. Gossip Girl

    I hear Florencia Lozano will be recurring on that show as one of the girls mother.I have to see this show.
  11. Eric Bana

    Thank you so much for posting He is a great actor to booth.The Other Boleyn Girl is coming to the theaters?yay,I love that book.
  12. Jennifer Morrison

    Thanks so much Suki,I love the dress.And I love the hair!
  13. Scarlett Johansson

    What?Did you see MatchPoint? Or Girl With a Pearlearing?She can act!