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  1. julia

    Gotta love the POOP

    pop ! hahahahaha
  2. julia

    Gotta love the POP

    i love too pop
  3. julia


    PiP !!!
  4. julia

    Gotta love the POPE

  5. julia

    BUMP ME!!!!

    bump !!!
  6. julia

    HUMP ME!!!!

    hump ...................
  7. julia

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Simon Belmont & miss
  8. julia

    Justin Timberlake vs. Nick Carter

    neither wekiiiii i dont like justin and nick SORRY!!!
  9. julia

    50 cent vs robbie william

    ohh 50 cent is very ugly :x :yuckky: :yuckky:
  10. julia

    Sexiest "Pretty Boy" Celebrity

    i mean Channing Tatum he is a hot :wub2:
  11. julia

    Your favourite serial?

    hmmm .... my fauvorite serial is friends
  12. julia

    Paul Walker vs. Chad Michael Murray

    i mean chad is hot :drool: paul is cool
  13. julia

    Who is your best friend?

    hummm my best friend is emma she is very cool