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  1. Giorgio Armani ss 2010 - major!!!!! source: tfs
  2. Antonio Marras ss 2010 source: tfs
  3. Les Copains ss 2010 source: style.it
  4. Les Copains ss 2010 source: style.it
  5. Finally!! Blugirl ss 2010 source: style.it
  6. Great! (Y) Hercules fw 09 ph. by Paola Kudacki source: tfs credit: sarinni
  7. Awesome pics, Nika! From the movie "Heat", 1995 source: LJ, lady lavinia
  8. Fantastic man Kinodigest Russia May 2009 source: LJ, hires hunks credit: assainova
  9. Thanks a bunch, John - great scans!! Found pics of the editorial: Marie Claire October 2009 with Ellen Page ph. by Peggy Sirota source: LJ, hires hotties credit: assainova
  10. Backstage source: wwd credit: littledesaster
  11. source: LJ, modelcouture credit: dominique143
  12. Why don't you discuss this with Jean Paul Gaultier whom she's been muse to ... Oh, and as we're talking about her work: The show to start Milan Fashionweek Elena Miro ss 2010 source: style.it
  13. Amanda Wakeley ss 2010 source: wwd
  14. Her showcard for Paris ss 2010 source: models.com
  15. Her showcard for Milan ss 2010 source: models.com
  16. Ah well ... definitely a bit of both though I hadn't seen any similarity before you mentioned the two
  17. ph. by Mark Abrahams source: LJ, ru glamour credit: assainova
  18. More source: LJ, ru glamour credit: assainova
  19. Which are your team's colors? I'm feeling all at the moment, because London's just finished and we're going straight to Milan Fashionweek!!! :woot: :woot:
  20. Natasha - the corsage is very pretty Iguna - like the colors Andi - kinda nice, but boring Izabel - too candy Karolina - absolutely hate the outfit (she looks stunning though)
  21. Fashion East ss 2010 source: tfs credit: charlottefromCA
  22. Haven't spotted her so far in London ... and there are only a few show not online yet, so ...
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