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  1. Green Showroom - Berlin Fashion Week nachhaltigleben.de
  2. Barbara will walk a couple of smaller shows at the Berlin Fashion Week. And the got a twitter account with lots of news and information! https://twitter.com/#!/MeierBarbara
  3. Please vote for her http://www.prosieben.de/stars-lifestyle/vo...nnen-1.1786109/
  4. INSTYLE Germany november 2010 Alte Liebe rostet (nicht) ph: Max von Treu my scans
  5. I just loooooove the neoprene picture..
  6. Shooting with Franziska Konietzke
  7. Blick zurück nach vorn MADAME sept. 2010 ph: Fritz Kok styling: Oliver Szilagyi my scans
  8. Jean Paul Gaultier F/W 2010
  9. wow, thanks a lot Junglecat!
  10. Well, it is a jeans brand and I expected casual clothes but I like the natural look there.
  11. Mavi Backstage: @ Reeyo: Could you please translate this? "RT @mavitr: Defile hazırlıkları son hız devam ediyor. Heidi Klum'un programında favori olan Barbara Meier da mankenlermiz..."
  12. nice Avatar Barbarafan! That picture looks new to me
  13. Barbara will walk for the jeans brand Mavi today at eight o'clock
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