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  1. Hey Dayrell, happy birthday to you! Hope you have a great day! :-)

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    2. daharsh


      I cannot log in to my original account (daharsh)

    3. daharsh


      May you please allow me to reset my password. Thank you.

    4. daharsh


      May you please allow me to reset my password. Thank you.

  2. Great set, Squeege <3

    1. Squeege Beckenheim

      Squeege Beckenheim

      Don is a master at that, isn't he? Glad you like it, too mel!

  3. Miss uuuuuu :

    1. CarMELita


      Still missing you :-((((

      Hope everything's well with you, honey :hug:

  4. Hey Reeyo, don't know if you already seen it - we got a logo competition running, got some ideas? 8-)

    1. Reeyo


      Hi. Ach Gottchen, ich komme ja nur noch so selten her... ^^' War eben richtig ├╝berrascht ├╝ber den neuen Look hier. Ist deswegen auch mein Avatar weg?

  5. I'm so glad I met so many wonderful people here! :wave:

    1. Jennka


      Same here honey *hugz*

  6. Hey Jude, not a Stones Fan in general but they had some awesome tracks before the 80s happened and I've always liked Mick Jaggers Voice, style and the whole rock star attitude.

  7. Bestimmt! Die FashionWelt ist klein :-)

  8. You're so welcome :-))

  9. Thanks a lot, Squeege, I can't believe how fast time's running, I'm a Bellazon-Dinosaur ^^

  10. I looove the Last Unicorn, it has always been one of my favorite films. If that's yorself on the pic, I have to say you have gorgeous eyes, honey ^^

  11. MmmmmmmmmmR***!!! *schmmmmmack*

  12. Looking forward to, honey <3

  13. Haha, just saw you already did!! Great choices!!

  14. Aaaw, shame on me, I missed your birthday, hon! So much love and my best wishes be-lated, sistaaa! :kiss:

  15. Hey honey, who's the girl in your avatar? She's cute!!

  16. Thanks for your help! :kiss:

  17. Hey there, nice to meet you :-)

  18. Happy new year, honey! :kiss: Been offline for the holidays and missed your lovely comments :flower:

  19. Happy new year, lisa-dearest! :kiss: :kiss: I've been offline while visiting my family for the holidays...

  20. Hey, darling-sis! All my best wishes for 2010 - I hope all is well and you could enjoy the christmas season :hug:

  21. Haha, funny thing I got my mom's eyes too ^^ No, I haven't read the book yet, is it worth reading it?

  22. Haha, I've posted Links literally everywhere 8-)

  23. Heeey honey, where are you? :kiss: :kiss:

  24. Whohooo, someone noticed!! :bounce: I've been smiling like the Cheshire Cat all day :-))

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