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  1. Great set, Squeege <3

    1. Squeege Beckenheim

      Squeege Beckenheim

      Don is a master at that, isn't he? Glad you like it, too mel!

  2. I can't remember if I already told you, but I just loooove your Coco Rocha-Signature!! Seriously the best one around!!

  3. Hey Dayrell, happy birthday to you! Hope you have a great day! :-)

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    2. daharsh


      I cannot log in to my original account (daharsh)

    3. daharsh


      May you please allow me to reset my password. Thank you.

    4. daharsh


      May you please allow me to reset my password. Thank you.

  4. Contrary to what you said I feel like having multiple mes ... they're all me though, I'm not thinking of different persons! More like the different aspects of my personality: the knowitall-Mel, the daft-Mel, the one that always forget things, they go all under my last name though :-) ... I guess a psychiatrist would have fun with me!

  5. Hi Andy, nice to meet you :-)) I've always had nicknames and I never use the long form ... even when talking to myself I address myself with my last name :-) It's not that I dislike "Melanie" though ...

  6. Ja, that's short for Melanie, but I prefer Mel. Only my mother calls me by my full name (when I've done something wrong :-)).

  7. No problem, dear, take your time - this is a place to enjoy not to "work" :-D

  8. Haha, just saw you already did!! Great choices!!

  9. Looking forward to, honey <3

  10. Hey, happy birthday, dearest! Hope you have a great day!

  11. Haha, I've posted Links literally everywhere 8-)

  12. I'll keep my fingers crossed members will not only vote for their favorite model, but for the best picture - you know, I'm too naive :-))

  13. Hey Rob, just saw you're online - I just started with the BZ Logo Competition, maybe you want to submit pics? Have a nice sunday, Mel

  14. Hello Baron, just wanting to leave a short note that the Logo Competition has started, maybe you want to submit some suggestions?

  15. Hey Sarnic, just spreading the word: The BZ Logo Competition is up and running :-)

  16. Hi honey, Logo Competition is up and running, please take part and submit some pictures! :-)

  17. Hey Reeyo, don't know if you already seen it - we got a logo competition running, got some ideas? 8-)

    1. Reeyo


      Hi. Ach Gottchen, ich komme ja nur noch so selten her... ^^' War eben richtig ├╝berrascht ├╝ber den neuen Look hier. Ist deswegen auch mein Avatar weg?

  18. Hey Danni, just wanted to leave a not that the Logo Competition has started!

  19. Hello beautiful, the Logo Competition is on, don't miss it, I'm counting on beautiful suggestions from you! :-*

  20. Honey, make sure to take part in the logo comp, it's on now and we def. need redheads!! :-D

  21. Squeeeege! Looking at your 'about-me-page', make sure to take part in the Logo Competition :-)

  22. Miss uuuuuu :

    1. CarMELita


      Still missing you :-((((

      Hope everything's well with you, honey :hug:

  23. Heeeey, happy Birthday!! May all your wishes come true :-*

  24. Oh, no, I missed your birthday - all the best, my dear!! <3 <3 Missssss youuuuuuuu!! :-*

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