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    Japanese rock (D'espairsRay, Moi dix mois, Malice Mizer), gothic rock (nightwish), art, design, anime, manga, drawing/painting, Ancient Egyptian and Japanese culture...<br />

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  1. Hey Agatha! No I am not Japanese, but I LOVE Japanese music (as you guessed). I also like Dir en Grey. Kyo is so kawaii! :P:P (if he hears it he is going to kill me XDXD) Have a nice time here!

  2. hello, I'm new too and I'm Agathe, welcome~0.0~, this forum is pretty much easy to surf if you have broadband hehehe, but are you Japanese? I like 12012 and Dir en Grey also MONO, but I don't know much about J-culture, I bet its interesting

  3. Awesome avatar. I think we may just have a few thing's in common dahlin.

  4. gothic aristocrat

    Bands/artists you've been into lately

    Apoptygma berzerk and Linkin Park... Can't get their songs out of my head...
  5. gothic aristocrat

    Song you hate most

    Anything made by Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Jojo, etc....
  6. gothic aristocrat

    Smokin' Hottt Battle!!!!

    Tom Welling=4.5
  7. gothic aristocrat


    I voted for Tiiu kuik, but I also liked the other model. Thank you follow the angel and ennaid for welcoming me, and yes I'll check the guys here
  8. gothic aristocrat


    From Van Helsing: Frankenstein's Monster: Let me go! Carl: Where are you going to go? I don't know if you've looked in the mirror lately, but you kind of stick out in a crowd.
  9. gothic aristocrat


    I checked that link, and I can say that they are good models. And as for the music ange, I listen Visual Kei, rock and sometimes techno/trance/dance....
  10. gothic aristocrat

    Bands/Artists no one knows except you! (at least that's how you feel)

    Here where I live *sigh* 'mostly' nobody knows about: Any kind of Japanese bands Apoptygma Berzerk I could say that my friends know them in name, because I ask if they have 'accidentaly' a poster of one of them ....
  11. gothic aristocrat

    Your funeral song!

    There are four songs taht I woul like to be played on my funeral: D'espairsRay-Yami ni furu kiseki Apoptygma Berzerk-Unicorn (duet version) Malice mizer-Gardenia Evanescence-Lithium
  12. gothic aristocrat

    CD's You own

    Apoptygma Berzerk-Harmonizer Apoptygma Berzerk-You and me against the world Nightwish-Highest Hope (best of) Bravo hits-maybe ten Linkin Park-Meteora Malice Mizer-Gardenia Malice Mizer-Beast of blood Moi dix mois-Dialogue Symphonie D'espairsRay-Coll:Set D'espairsRay-Garnet D'espairsRay-Maverick Shakira-Laundry service Shakira-fijacion oral vol.1 Shakira-oral fixtation vol.2 Shakira-best of etc.
  13. gothic aristocrat

    Favorite Books

    Most of the books I like are fantasy or historical. Just that still doesn't mean that I do not read anything else beside these two genres... Arthur Golden-The memoirs of a Geisha Anne Rice-Pandora Wilbur Smith-Warlock J.R.R Tolkien-Lord of the rings J.K Rowling-All 6 HP books, but I like the fourth one the most Valerio Massimo Manfredi-The empire of dragons (Real Title:"L'impero dei draghi)
  14. gothic aristocrat


    Actually, i don't have a favorite model...
  15. gothic aristocrat


    Arigatou (Thank you)!